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Model United Nations & Model Arab League at Victor Valley College 

The 2012 SoCal MUN team displaying the four awards won

Image Caption: The 2012 SoCal MUN team displaying the four awards won. 

About the Model United Nations Program at Victor Valley College

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The MUN Program serves as an exciting way to learn about world affairs and international politics in true-to-life simulations. MUN provides a unique atmosphere for students to develop their skills in public speaking, teamwork, leadership and communication. Everyone gets the chance to work with a diverse group of people from around the world in international academic conferences.  Students also get a chance to meet with real diplomats at their embassies and get to visit several places, including the United Nations, Congress, and the White House.

MUN has three components:

  • Classes
  • Traveling Teams
  • Academic Conferences



MUN students take a series of classes to understand the United Nations and international issues. Lecture topics range from learning about international relations to the internal politics of specific countries.  MUN students also learn about their country assignment and the rules and procedures of each conference

Courses include:

  • POLS 90: Model United Nations
  • POLS 110: World Politics
  • POLS 111 Global Issues
  • POLS 112: Comparative Politics
  • POLS 113: Politics of the Middle East and North Africa


Traveling Teams

Students who desire to be a part of the MUN Program at VVC must fill out an application, take an objective exam, provide a writing sample, and complete an interview.  Once students are selected, they are then assigned to a specific traveling team that participates in a particular academic conference.  In addition, they are assigned to a specific committee within the conference, and depending on the conference, assigned a committee partner. 

Once students are assigned to a traveling team, they are expected to research their country assignment and develop an intimate enough knowledge so that the student can best represent their country at the conference.  Students will be asked to write a position paper on their committee’s topics, develop policy prescriptions, learn about the conference’s rules and procedures, and develop their speaking skills.


Academic Conferences

Students will have the opportunity to attend several academic conferences, including:

  • National MUN – New York
  • National MUN – Washington, DC
  • Model Arab League – West Coast
  • Santa Barbara MUN
  • Orange Country MUN
  • Inland Empire Conference MUN
  • UC-Riverside MUN


Team Awards

National Model United Nations - New York (NMUN-NY)

  • 2012 Outstanding Delegation & Three Outstanding Position Papers (Awarded by committee)
  • 2011 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2010 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2009 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2008 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2007 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2006 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2005 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2004 Honorable Mention Delegation


National Model United Nations  - Washington, D.C. (NMUN-DC)

  • 2011 Outstanding Delegation & Position Paper
  • 2010 Distinguished Delegation
  • 2008 Distinguished Delegation
  • 2007 Outstanding Delegation


Santa Barbara Intercollegiate Model United Nations

  • 2010 Outstanding Delegation


Informative Links: United Nations | Model Arab League | National Model United Nations - New York | National Model United Nations - DC 


Last Updated 8/2/17