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The Officers are the backbone of the Model United Nations Program at VVC. They carry out the important duties for the program and ultimately responsible for the success of the traveling teams.


PRESIDENT : Dakota Higgins
The president serves as the organizational leader of the traveling teams. The president is responsible for coordinating the traveling teams' schedules and registering for conferences. In addition, the president is also responsible for all fundraising activities for the program.


VICE-PRESIDENT : Dillon M. Lesovsky
The vice-president serves as the research coordinator for the traveling teams. The vice-president is responsible for producing and editing the position papers and for organizing and supervising research sessions as well the creation and grading of examinations.


SECRETARY : Justin Nunez
The secretary serves as the communications nerve for the traveling teams. The secretary is responsible for communicating to all team members and for maintaining the current team rosters. The secretary also keeps track of the practice sessions in class.


HEAD DELEGATE: Kanikka Wofford





Last Updated 9/23/16