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Criminal Justice

(formerly Administration of Justice)

All areas of Criminal Justice require that individuals possess the personal and physical qualities essential to be effective peace officers. Many employment opportunities currently exist for individuals desiring entrance into law enforcement or related fields at various governmental levels. Security and corrections are fast-growing professions. Individuals interested in these professions should understand that the work is demanding, requiring a combination of training, education, and experience, along with mental and physical stamina.

Please note that CJ 30, CJ 80, and CJ 81 require clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice, which assumes you are at least 18 years of age and have no criminal background.  The form is located below, as well as in the Modular Application Packets - If you are only attending CJ 58, it DOES NOT require the DOJ form.

If you do not have the clearance letter prior to the start of the academy (not the pre-academy), you will not be permitted to attend the course.  The DOJ Clearance (LIVESCAN) is a POST requirement before you are allow to attend the course.


 *****NEW FOR FALL, 2019*****


***Registration is NOW OPEN for all POST Courses***



A Valid CCW DOES NOT take the place of the DOJ Live Scan Clearance Letter - You still need to complete the DOJ Live Scan.




Welcome to the Criminal Justice Homepage and the home of the Victor Valley College Regional Public Safety Training Center, located at 19190 Navajo Rd., Apple Valley, CA .  We thank you for your interest in our programs and are excited to assist you in succeeding!

Please see our Program Overview HERE

Here at Victor Valley College, we have an entire Criminal Justice program to get you moving in the direction you want  so you can succeed in the Criminal Justice Field, whether it be as a Law Enforcement Officer, a Corrections Officer, Probation Officer, Forensic Tech, or any of the other equally important careers in Criminal Justice.

All of our academic courses can be found in the Victor Valley College Catalog and on Web Advisor.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

For those who are interested in the POST Modular Law Enforcement Academies or PC 832 courses, there are certain prerequisite items you will have to complete before the first day of the Academy.  Our POST courses are as follows:

CJ 30 - PC 832 Firearms

CJ 58 - PC 832 Laws of Arrest

CJ 80 - Module III Law Enforcement Academy

CJ 81 - Module II Law Enforcement Academy


The Victor Valley College Modular Law Enforcement Academy is one of the finest law enforcement modular training programs in the State of California and is put on at a state of the art facility.

The PC 832 courses and Modular Law Enforcement Academies are intensive courses, best described as college courses with strict para-military discipline.  Students attending the academy will be academically and physically challenged, faced with solving complex problems in a highly stressful, disciplined and structured environment.  Recruits receive rigorous and challenging training in all phases of law enforcement.  Prior to graduation, the successful recruit will demonstrate proficiency in:

Human Relations, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Job Knowledge, Professional Reasoning, Physical Fitness, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Arrest and Control Skills, Scenario Skills, and Report Writing.

The standards and values of the Law Enforcement Academy are high and very demanding.  Those who are willing and capable of meeting the standards in academics, leadership ability, tactical skills, general performance, and physical ability will be certified to continue into the various fields they are pursuing or to move on to the next level in the program. 

Our Mission at the Regional Public Safety Training Center:

To prepare students mentally, morally, emotionally and physically to enter and successfully complete a law enforcement agencies Field Training Program.  The Modular Law Enforcement Academy will: 

  • Provide the highest quality training possible
  • Provide a learning environment with considerations for safety
  • Maintain a well disciplined environment, resulting in highly disciplined graduates
  • Provide a learning environment which is free from discrimination based on religion, race, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation.



Be aware CJ 80 and CJ 81 have SATURDAY classes that MUST be attended.  You cannot miss any hours of required content - therefore you have been notified in advance there are SATURDAY classes.


PC 832 - Laws of Arrest (CJ 58)

PC 832 - Firearms (CJ 30)

POST Academy Module III (CJ 80)

POST Academy Module II (CJ 81)


If you have any questions regarding the 832 Courses or Modular Academy, please contact the academy coordinator or academy director listed below:

James Snow - Academy Coordinator

760-245-4271 ext. 2359 or

Rand Padgett - Academy Director

760-245-4271 ext. 2710 or


Academy Application Process for Recruits

1. You MUST attend the CJ148 Pre Academy to be considered for the Law Enforcement Academy.

2. For the PC 832 courses (CJ 30 and CJ 58), you must download and complete the Application Packet for PC 832 Courses

3. For the Module III and Module II Academies (CJ 80 and CJ 81) you must download and complete the Application Packet for the Modular Academies

4. Download and complete the Form 2-251 POST POST Personal History Statement

5. Complete Live Scan and DOJ Clearance (instructions provided in Application Packet)

6. See a licensed physician and complete the Medical Clearance Forms (in Application Packet)

7.  Bring your entire application packet and POST PHS to the first night of CJ 148 at the RPSTC, 19190 Navajo Rd., Apple Valley, CA 92307.

  • Register as a VVC student and register for the appropriate session (ie Fall 2019)
  • If you are registering for CJ 80 or CJ 81, you MUST register for the appropriate corequisite CJ 148 course

 8. Purchase your uniforms and equipment - details for uniforms are outlined in the Academy Application Packet or at the LINK below this paragraph.  There is a student materials fee for these courses, which will cover the cost of your ammunition and your uniform patches.  The patches will be provided to you by the Academy.

Uniform Specifications and Purchasing Information

The Uniforms for Level III and Level II are the SAME uniform going forward.  Once the new uniforms are purchased, they will be the same and going forward students will not need to purchase a second uniform for Level II.

The Criminal Justice program is designed to develop a student’s understanding of the various operational functions within the criminal justice system. The educational emphasis will be the examination of crime causation, functions of law enforcement, criminal court system, and corrections. Students majoring in this subject area can prepare themselves for careers in law enforcement, corrections, and security at both the operational and administrative levels. For course descriptions, see Section IX of this catalog.

Current Law Enforcement Jobs:

For current law enforcement jobs, please see the following link from the POST website....they have a comprehensive list of all current openings throughout the state.

Law Enforcement Job Openings

Correctional Academy: CJ 64:

CJ 64, the STC Adult CORE Correctional Academy is a 176 hour academy that, upon completion, certifies the graduate to work in a California prison or jail.  The academy is certified by the California Bureau of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) - Standards and Training for Corrections (STC).  See the attached links for the CJ 64 Orientation and Student Contract.

Core Correctional Officer Academy Overview

Correctional Academy Orientation Letter

Correctional Academy Participant Contract

The Academy Orientation Letter gives the needed information for uniforms and conduct.  The Participant Contract should be printed out, signed, and brought to the first day of class.

Criminal Justice Courses

Victor Valley College offers a full range of Criminal Justice classes as well as the academies in order to fully prepare you to obtain an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and/or to transfer to a 4 year university to complete your Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.  Please See Web Advisor for a full course listing.

Careers in the criminal justice field are found at the federal, state, county, and city levels.

For employment at the federal level in such agencies as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the Drug Enforcement
Agency (DEA), or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a bachelor's degree in accounting, computer information systems, or the physical sciences is preferred. Careers at the state, county, or city level usually require a high school diploma, but an associate's degree is preferable. Careers in law enforcement usually start with Police Academy Training. This modulated academy provides the opportunity to become a reserve officer while completing Levels II and III of training. A Level I graduate may elect to become a reserve officer or may apply for a full-time position with a law enforcement agency in California.

Careers in Forensics - the application of science and technology to the analysis of physical evidence - may be entered through the Field Evidence Technician course (CJ 67) and the Fingerprint Recognition and Classification course (CJ 111).

Courses in Forensic Biology and Forensic Chemistry offer preparation for students planning to transfer to bachelor's level programs, such as those at the following CSU campuses: Fullerton, Long Beach, Sacramento, and Stanislaus. Candidates with master's degrees in this field are being offered salaries of around $70,000.

Career Opportunities

  • Communication Technician

  • Correctional Officer

  • Criminologist

  • Deputy Sheriff

  • Forensic Chemist

  • Forensic Technician

  • Juvenile Correctional Office

  • Police Officer

  • Probation Officer

  • Security Manager

  • Security Officer

  • Special Agent/Investigator


VVC RPSTC - 19190 Navajo Rd., Apple Valley, CA

Map of Training Center


Last Updated 8/16/19