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ALLIED HEALTH :: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Program Description

The CNA course enables students to become familiar with basic principles of nursing, including procedures and techniques. Clinical experience is provided in extended care facilities. Students will learn to provide and meet the patient's basic physical and psychological needs and promote a spirit of restoration and independence in a safe, efficient and competent manner. State approved pre-certification program. Does not guarantee certification. Must achieve grade C or better to take state certification examination. Prerequisites: See below and documented clearance for any crime more serious than a minor traffic ticket. Finger prints must be obtained by completion of class. Co-requisite: Current Healthcare Provider CPR card.

Estimated Costs

  • Registration & college fees = $299-$309
  • Books, uniforms, supplies = $200 - $340
  • Liability Insurance = $13
  • Total Estimated Costs = $544 - $695
  • (Costs are approximate.)

Requirements for Entry

1. Completion of English 6


2. Placement in a higher course by approved score on assessment test.


3. Completion of ESL 23 or ESL 33


4. Placement in a higher course by CELSA matriculation assessment process.

Victor Valley College Assessment Center is located in Building 55, (760) 245-4271, Ext. 2367

Please go to and read this webpage for Assessment Testing:


The Summer 2015 CNA application period has ended.  The Fall 2015 Application period will begin  late June.  Please see link below for more information on our upcoming application period.


Please contact the Allied Health/Nursing Office for any additional questions. 

 General Information Health Sciences/Allied Health Office Assistant 760-245-4271, Ext. 2463

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