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Mentor Teachers

Victor Valley College Mentor Teachers


Deydalia FraydealfaroDeydalia Fraydealfaro, or Dalia as she is lovingly called, has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 15 years in both public and private schools.  She started her college adventure at Cerritos Community College and Victor Valley Community College. With determination and perseverance she received her B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Brandman University.  Dalia is working on completing her Master of Arts in Education, Leadership in Early Childhood Education.  She is a dedicated employee whose strength is building relationships!  Her considerate and cooperative nature is an asset to our team.

The loves of Dalia’s life are her husband Ramon, and her twin children, Angelina and Angelo.  She enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, reading, going to Disneyland and swimming. A tidbit about Dalia: she relishes Marvel Superheroes, especially X-Men. 

We are grateful to have Dalia as our team member!




Peggy RubyPeggy Ruby has been a preschool teacher with Victor Valley College since 1999. She began as an infant/toddler teacher and is thriving in her current role as a preschool teacher. Peggy is VVC alumni and has her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from LaVerne University. Her specialty is positive teacher-child interactions. She is very patient and warm.

Peggy has three adult daughters and three granddaughters. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughters, hiking, reading, swimming, arts and crafts, traveling and especially going to yard sales or thrift stores. She decorates her kitchen with country stuff…particularly rooster and chicken décor. The rest of her home is beach décor. Her morning routine always includes a cup of coffee. She is most encouraged by handwritten notes (though she likes small gifts, too!).

A tidbit about Peggy. When she was young, she was approached to be part of a Disney documentary, but she declined because she was too shy. We are blessed to have Peggy as part of our team!



California Early Childhood Mentor Program Teachers

Lorraine Macaulay

Lorraine Macaulay

- Lorraine is a Mentor Teacher at Country Kids Family Child Care, located in Hesperia. She provides the care and education for infants through twelve year olds. Her current schedule is Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

- Lorraine holds a Master Teacher Permit, a Family Child Care Certificate and her Associates Degree in Child Development. She has been in the child care field for 25 years, teaching in both the family child care environment and center based programs.

- Students who choose to conduct their lab hours with Lorraine will gain experience serving multi-aged groups. They will also get exposure to the daily operations of a family child care facility.

- Lorraine can be reached at 760.244.1780.


Sharon Schneider

Sharon Ellis

- Sharon is a Mentor Teacher at Rancho Verde State Preschool, located in Apple Valley. Her current teaching schedule is Monday through Friday, from 8:00am - 3:00pm.

- Sharon has her A. S. degree in Child Development and holds a Site Supervisor Permit. She taught for 20 years at Apple Valley Christian School, where she started her career as an aide and eventually became the director of the school. In 2000 she helped to open the new State Preschool site at Rancho Verde, and she has been teaching there since.

- Sharon notes, “Even though our program has a strong emphasis on language and literacy, our main goal is to help each child to grow in whatever their area of need might be. We provide a fun and active learning environment, which promotes social, emotional and cognitive growth. We work closely with families to enrich both the home and school experience for the children. I love to laugh and interact with the children on a personal level. I also enjoy literature, so when we're not telling stories, children are encouraged to make up their own."

- Sharon can be reached at 760.240.4732.


Rochelle Himmelrick

Diana Lynn McCann My name is Rochelle Himmelrick. I enjoy teaching and working with children of all ages – young children and those who are young at heart. I have taught for many years in both public and private schools. 

I have been working in the field of Early Childhood for 30 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I started my career by opening up a family child care and eventually opening a child care center where I am currently the director and one of the teachers. I started my ECE classes at Barstow College and am currently an instructor at Barstow College teaching ECE courses. I taught at Barstow High School for 17 years – teaching Child Care Occupations for the ROP program. I received my A.A. from Barstow College along with my ECE certificate. With determination and perseverance I received my B.A. and M.A. from Azusa Pacific University . I have been involved with Bible Study Fellowship for 13 years / 6 years working in leadership.

My philosophy is that we are always learning and with that in mind, I hope to add to your learning experience by bringing a positive educational opportunity to you during our time together. My job is to provide the instruction and the student's responsibility is to apply themselves to their work and hopefully they will be able to relate what they have learned to their life. Real situations are more meaningful so I like to make things relevant (or applicable) to what they are learning. 

I have a wonderful supportive husband and seven fantastic children. In my free time I like to be outdoors spending time with my family. I believe there are never any bad weather days, just different kinds of weather.  With that in mind my philosophy for children is that their job is to play, be happy and be outdoors as well.

Rochelle can be reached at 760-964-3574 or 760-252-5535

(Also I am in the process of applying for a site supervisors permit as I currently have a teacher's permit but know I qualify for the supervisor's permit).


Marlene Emlay

Marlene Emlay

- Marlene Emlay is a Mentor Teacher at Sitting Bull State Preschool. Her program offers a morning class from 8:30 to 11:30 and an afternoon class from 12:30 to 3:30 to three to five year olds in Apple Valley. Her program operates Monday through Friday.

- Marlene holds an AS degree in Child Development and a Site Supervisor Permit. She first started in the early childhood education as a parent, then a substitute teacher and has worked her way to her current position as the Site Supervisor at Sitting Bull State Preschool.

- Marlene states, "We love science and hands-on activities in my class. I try to make coming to school a fun and exciting adventure. I stress kindness to others and make it extremely important to work out our difficulties and problems with respect and understanding.

- Marlene can be reached at 760.240.5278.


Nicolle Mercado

Nicolle BurgosName of Classroom: SBCSS Lemon Street State Preschool (located on the campus of Mojave High School) 16633 Lemon Street, Hesperia

Age of Children in Class: three to five years old

Nicolle's current teaching schedule: 7:30am-10:30am and 11:15am-2:15pm Monday through Friday

Nicolle's description of her education (degrees, certification, etc):
Earned an A.S Degree in Child Development in 1999 from Victor Valley College.  Earned a B.A Degree in Early Childhood Education with a specialization in Special Education from Kendall College in 2010. I am working towards earning a Master's Degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. I also have a Program Director Permit.

Brief description of her teaching experience:

I began my teaching experience as a Mentee student with Victor Valley College in 1996. I worked in private preschool for a year before coming to the SBCSS State Preschool Program in 1998.  I have taught all over the county of San Bernardino including Victorville, Hesperia, Ft. Irwin and Adelanto.  I currently work as the Lead Teacher for the High Desert area for SBCSS State Preschool Program.  This job enables me to not only work with the children, but help teachers as well.  I enjoy teaching preschool and especially enjoy working with the college students as a mentor teacher!

Special characteristics of Nicolle's class :

I am very fortunate to teach at Lemon Street State Preschool. I have two classes with 30 children in each class. I have a staff of one 8 hour associate and two 3 hour associates in each class. There are two rooms in my classroom, one set up for more quiet activities and one for the louder activities. With so many children, my staff and I have to communicate and work closely as a team.

Other information about Nicolle:

In addition to teaching, I do some volunteer work with my daughter's Girl Scout troop as well as with my church's youth ministry program. I am married to my husband Andrew and we have two children.

Nicolle can be reached at (760) 956-3537.


Theresa Frymire

Theresa Frymire

Theresa Frymire is a Mentor Teacher at Park View State Preschool in Victorville. There are two classes a day with 24 children each. The AM Class is from 8:00 to 11:00 and the PM Class is from 12:00 to 3:00. Children are 3- 5 years old.

Theresa has worked with preschool children for 20 years. Substituting at her own children’s preschool, then 7 years at Lindero Childrens Montessori School, 1 ½ years with Head Start and 11 years with SBCSS State Preschool, and many years in her church nursery programs. Theresa holds an A.S. Degree in Early Child Development from VVC and a Site Supervisor Permit.

Theresa enjoys setting up the environment and schedule to encourage initiative and independence, giving children the experiences they need to learn and grow. Fostering a hands -on, active learning environment that promotes development for the Whole Child.

You are welcome to come and build a relationship with the children and myself by spending quality time with the little ones in our care. By using observation and interaction you will see how these tools will help you plan and carry out a fun and developmentally appropriate lesson plan and classroom environment.

Theresa can be reached at 760.843.3893.


Jeanette Hand

Jeanette Hand

- Jeanette Hand is a Mentor Teacher at Phoenix Academy Preschool in Apple Valley, CA. Her program serves children 3-5 years old. The Special Education Preschool classes at Phoenix are taught with an inclusion/mainstreamed method.

Her program has 2 sessions daily:

- AM class is 8:30 am – 11:30 am

- PM class is 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

- Her program corresponds with the Apple Valley Unified School District's schedule.

- She can be reached at (760) 242-0743

- Jeanette Hand holds an A.S in Child Development from Victor Valley College, C.T.C. Teacher and Site Supervisor Permit. She is also a Professional Growth Advisor for the Child Development Training Consortium.

- Jeanette’s has been an Early Childhood Educator since 1993. She began her earliest teaching experiences in a small Montessori School; from which she bases her teaching practices and philosophy. Her teaching experiences include private and public preschool teaching and directing.

Her program serves eligible children of the community and is located on an elementary school site. The program is funded and regulated by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division and Apple Valley Unified School District.

Her program focuses on building a cohesive, safe and nurturing learning environment based on mutual respect and understanding of one another and our environment. Her program integrates hand on; child directed experiences with early learning. “Together we have the opportunity to help families understand the importance of their child’s first years”.


Janon Durham

Janon Durham - photo

Janon is a Mentor Teacher at S.B.C.S.S Liberty State Preschool in Victorville, CA. My current schedule is Monday - Friday 7:30 to 10:30am and 11:15 to 2:15pm. Ages are three to five years old.

I graduated from Victor Valley College with my A.S. Degree in Child Development, and I also have my Site Supervisor permit. I have taught in the High Desert for 22 years. I have worked as a 3/4 year old teacher, teacher in charge, and supervisor/teacher. My years of teaching has been in a private school, Head Start, and State Preschool.

I pride myself on a classroom that offers Love, Attention, and hands on fun! With these characteristics my children excel in all areas such as, Independence, Social Skills, Language and Literacy, Math and so on. Without excellent team work from my staff this could not be possible!

I can be reached at 760-951-8738



Donna Cintron-Pardus

Donna Cintron-Pardus - photo

My name is Donna Cintron-Pardus. I am a Site Supervisor/ Teacher at SBCSS, Lucy Siegrist State Preschool.

The ages of the children in my classroom are 3-5 years old. I have 30 children enrolled in each class.

My current teaching schedule is 7:00 – 3:00 pm. My class hours are 7:45- 10:45 am and 11:45 – 2:45 pm.

I graduated from Victor Valley College with an A.S in child development and an A.A in Liberal Arts. I continued my education at the University of La Verne and received a B.S in child development. I currently hold a Program Director permit.

I have been in the child development field for over twenty years and been teaching with State Preschool for almost ten years.

I enjoy story telling, music and movement and using flannel s and puppets.

I believe that each day provides a learning opportunity for teachers, students and children. I look forward to sharing ideas, supporting and giving back knowledge I have gleaned from my mentor and others.




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