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Faculty | Spanish

College Phone # (760) 245-4271

To call a faculty member, dial the College Phone # (above), then followed by their extension # (below).

Full Time Faculty Subject Phone E-mail
Cuauhtémoc (Mo) Franco Spanish Ext. 2343
Martha Vila Spanish Ext. 2586


Adjunct Faculty Subject Phone E-mail
Ana Norton Spanish Ext. 8662
Barbara Howard Spanish Ext. 8570
Gary Chaffee Spanish  Ext. 2606
Veronica Felix Spanish
Adela Lomeli-Gomez Spanish
David O'Brien Spanish Ext. 8518
Jason Wells Spanish
Nancy Pastrana Spanish Ext. 8719
Salvador Alvarez Spanish
Nila Serrano Proulx Spanish Ext. 8672

To visit an Instructor's "Home Page" click on his/her name, if it is underlined.

To send an e-mail to one of the full-time instructors click on his/her e-mail address.


Last Updated 9/18/17