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Thomas Gummo


Tom Gummo - photo

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Thomas Gummo, Adjunct Instructor

B.S., Cal Poly Pomona; M.S., California State University, San Bernardino


Born in PA, a long long time ago.  Father was in the military so moved around a lot.  I have degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science so I teach Math.  :-)  I served in the Air Force for twenty years flying mostly flying the F-4G Wild Weasel.  I have been married to the same woman for over 40+ years and have two great daughters, one is a Doctor and the other is an Engineer.

I love MATH so please ask for help if needed.

For the most of a twenty year career, I was able to fly JETS. After pilot training, I got to fly F-4Cs in Europe. Then, I flew OV-10s in Texas (it is a Jet too, the jets just turn props). I went back to the F-4 as a Wild Weasel and flew the F-4G. I then had a ground job as the Chief of Safety for Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. After Turkey, I flew F-4Gs at Spangdalhem Air Base, Germany with the 480th TFS. I finished up my career as a Wild Weasel Instructor Pilot with the 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron. This squadron will always be one of my favorites as I was a member when it deployed during the Gulf War. I was very proud of the young Pilots and Electronic Warfare Officers (EWO) whom I helped train. They did “good” as no aircraft were lost while they were on station.

Military History:

June 10, 1971:  Commissioned from Air Force ROTC at USC and was a Distinguished Graduate.

February 1, 1972 to December 17, 1972:  Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) at Moody AFB, Georgia – Class 73-05.  Earned the Second Lt. Award and Outstanding Graduate of UPT.  Land Survival at Fairchild AFB, Washington and Water Survival at Homestead AFB, Florida.

January 1973 to October 1973:  F-4 Phantom Replacement Training Unit (RTU) at George AFB, Victorville CA – 4435th TFTS.  Won Base Wide Turkey Shoot (Bombing Competition).  Promoted to First Lt. on June 9, 1973.  Graduated on October 15, 1973.

November 1973 to November 1976:  614th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) from November 1973 to November 1976 at Torrejon AB, Spain flying - F-4Cs.  Deployed to Incirlik AB, Turkey for 4 weeks out of every 12.  Deployed to Aviano AB, Italy for 1 week out of every 12.  Earned the Wing Top Gun Award.  Squadron duties – Life Support Officer.  Promoted to Captain on December 9, 1975. 

 January 1977 to June 1980:  23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron (TASS) – at Bergstrom AFB, Texas - OV-10s.  OV-10 Training from February to May 1976 at Patrick AFB, Florida.  Duties both Squadron and Wing Life Support Officer. 

July 1980 to May 1984:  563rd TFS at George AFB, CA - F-4Gs.  F-4 Requalification (F-4 Short Course at Homestead AFB, FL and Wild Weasel Training with 562nd TFTS.  Duties - Small Computer Officer and Life Support.  Earned several Squadron Top Gun Awards. Promoted to Major on November 1, 1983. 

June 1984 and September 1986:  39th Tactical Group at Incirlik AB, Turkey as Wing Safety Officer (My only NON-FLYING assignment).

October 1986 to July 1989:  480th TFS at Spangdahlem AB, Germany - F-4Es and F-4Gs.  F-4 Short Course at Homestead AFB, again.  Duties -  Squadron Scheduler - Rated Outstanding during a major inspection.  Earned several Squadron and Wing Top Gun Awards.

August 1989 to February 1992:  561st TFS at George AFB, CA - F-4Gs.  Graduated from the Instructor Pilot Course at 562nd TFTS.  Deployed to Operation Desert Storm from August 1990 to March 1991.  During deployment, aborted to Lajes AB, Azores - Wingman had oil problem.  Aborted to Riyadh Mil. AB, Saudi Arabia - same problem.  Finally arrived in Sheikh Isa AB, Bahrain (the secret BASE).  Flew Combat Missions over Iraq and Kuwait.  Duties - Instructing F-4G Pilots and EWOs.  Earned several Wing and Squadron Top Gun Awards.

February 1, 1992:  Retired from Active duty.

Flying Summary:

Aircraft Type




















I built my own aircraft a Harmon Rocket II.  It is a all metal, two seat, aircraft with a 250 HP engine.  It flies at about 200 mph level and over 250 mph in a dive.  It can do aerobatic so I enjoy making the world spin around.  It has been flying for about 15 years now (2015) and still puts a big smile on my face.

Additional Information

My Classes:

  • Winter 2017  Math-42/42S  Section 59190/59191
  • Spring 2017
    • Math-42/42S  Section 60256/60257
    • Math-42/42S Section 60262/60263

Course Documents for Winter 2017

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