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Math Workshops

The Mathematics Department offers workshops at the Math Success Center to support you in your math class.

Click here to see the list of this semester's Workshops.

Workshop Types

  • Refresher Workshops, on specific topics, and
  • Specific Math Class Workshops, such as:
    • Math 10,
    • Math 12,
    • Math 42,
    • Math 63,
    • Math 120,
    • Math 104,
    • Math 105, and
    • Math 226.

The workshops are designed to help students develop confidence and strength in their problem areas, and help them to fill in gaps that they may need to be successful in a math class.

The refresher workshops are designed to help students with a specific area in which they need help, in order to move on to the next class in order to avoid the need to repeat classes.

The math class workshops are designed for the students who are currently math classes, with further help in understanding the concepts that they are unable to grasp during class time.

Each workshop is one hour long and is being taught by a mathematics professor.

Our mission is to help students succeed by enriching their educational goals.



Last Updated 2/13/17