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Welcome to the SAM Grant Page!

About the Grant

The Successful Advancement in Mathematics (SAM) plan was developed to redesign Victor Valley College’s math program by adopting evidence based practices that promise to improve student outcomes. SAM directly addresses five of the seven recommended principles and practices outlined within the Request for Application for the Community Colleges Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program. These include: 

  • Adopting placement tests or other assessment indicators and related policies that may include multiple measures of student performance.
  • Increasing placement of students directly in gateway courses that are transferrable with integrated remedial instruction as needed.
  • Aligning content in remedial courses with the students’ programs of academic or vocational study to target students’ actual needs and increase relevance.
  • Provide proactive student support services that are integrated with the instruction.
  • Developing two- and three- course sequences for completion of college level for underprepared students.


The SAM Grant team has been very busy working with various departments on campus to ensure the goals of the grant are being accomplished. Here is what we have been up to!


 SAM Grant is Remodeling..... one area at a time!

Math Success Center

 MSC before_after


Building 30, Room 9



Building 21, Room 155



Meet the SAM Grant Staff!



Last Updated 11/1/17