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Professional Development

Upcoming Events

Flash Forward Event | Fall 2018 - Details Available Here

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Past Events

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Math Forward Conference

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MF conference


Rick Castrapel

Saturday, October 21, 2017 SAM Grant Workshop: Fathom Software Training
Special guest presenter Rick Castrapel, Imperial Valley College

Event: Introduction to Fathom Data Analysis Software

Biography: Professor Castrapel teaches Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial Valley College. In 2006, he attended a two-day Fathom Workshop presented by Tim Erickson.
Mr. Castrapel has been using Fathom in his statistics, and other classes, both in lectures and labs, ever since.



October 2017 SAM Grant Symposium
Featured special guest Lisa Rombes, Educational Consultant Lisa Rombes

Event: Digitizing Venn Diagrams: Logic, Excel, and Big Thinking with Little Words

Biography: Lisa Rombes is currently an instructor and chair of the Mathematics Department at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She graduated with honors from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and Penn State University with Math Education degrees.

She has been teaching developmental and first-year college math for 29 years, at the middle school, high school, and community college level in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Her passion encouraging all students to see the beauty in mathematics and statistics, and to view math as a tool that can help them understand the world.

October 6, 2017 SAM Grant Symposium  


Andrew StadelApril 2017 Symposium & Workshop
Guest Presenter, Andrew Stadel, Estimation 180

 Event: Maximize Effective Math Instruction by Crafting a Powerful Tool Belt

Follow-Up Workshop: Desmos, presented by Eden Murphy, Apple Valley High School




April 22, 2017 SAM Grant Symposium



jo boaler


October 2016 Symposium & Workshop
Guest Presenter, Jo Boaler 

Event: The Mindset Revolution: Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset






 October 15, 2016 SAM Grant Symposium



Professional Development Conferences & Training

The fourth strategy of the SAM Grant is geared toward increasing professional development among math department faculty. Math department faculty take part in a variety of conferences for professional development that focus on lesson planning, teaching strategies, student learning outcomes, and re-defining pedagogy. The math department faculty travel across the country to attend conferences that will allow them the opportunity to bring this knowledge and these ideas back to Victor Valley College.


 August 24, 2017
Math Faculty took part in Clear Touch panel training for the start of the Fall 2017 semester. Clear Touch panels were placed into the nine classrooms that were remodeled over the summer term. Clear Touch representatives gave a great demonstration of many of this device's tools and capabilities.


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