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Motion Picture and Broadcast Television

  • Television Commercials
  • Product and Character Animation
  • Special Effects
  • Compositing and Rotoscoping
  • Cartoon Animation 2D
  • 3D Storyboarding/Cinematics
  • Staging Options and Lighting Simulations
  • Stop-Motion Animation

Game Development

  • CD -ROM Game Content
  • Entertainment
  • Educational

Ride Simulations

  • Theme Parks
  • Military / NASA
  • Airline Industry

Architectural Visualizations

  • Concept Models
  • Interior Design
  • Walk-throughs and Fly-overs

Industrial and Mechanical Design

  • Product Design and Exploration
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Assembly Techniques
  • Civil Engineering and Land Planning

Medical Visualizations

  • Medical Professionals
  • Medical Schools


  • Accurately Recreating Events
  • Simulating Dangerous or Difficult Effects
  • Creating Physically Impossible Events and Effects


  • Courtroom Evidence
  • Crime Scene Re-enactments and Accident Re-creations
  • Ballistics and Forensics
  • What-if Scenarios

Scientific Illustration

  • Outer-Space Simulations
  • Physical Representations
  • Molecular Illustration

Commercial Art

  • Corporate Identity (3D Text and Production Illustration)

Web Graphics

  • Internet Website Development

Other Applications

  • Interactive Kiosks


Last Updated 10/29/19