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Maya Courses

group of 3d characters walking out of a box

MERT 50 Principles of Animation in Maya (3.0 units)

Description: This course investigates the fundamental principles of 3D animation. The student will explore the historical development of the animation industries, pre-production, 3D modeling and the basics of 3D animation. Repetition of this course provides the opportunity for increased skill development. (No prerequisites)

MERT 51 Advanced Materials, Lighting and Rendering with Maya (3.0 units)

Description:  This course provides an in depth study of lighting and texturing in a 3D world along with indoor and outdoor environments In addition building advanced shaders for realistic texturing, toon shading and FX are also covered.   Students will complete a combination of exercises, individual and group projects. This course will prepare students for work as a CG texture and lighting artist, in addition provide a strong understanding of environmental rendering.  (Prerequisite: MERT 50) 

MERT 52 Digital Character Animation with Maya (3.0 units)

Description:  This course is an advanced study in digital character animation, rigging and weight mapping of characters.  This course explores the relationships between anatomy, motion, weight, and timing through a balanced combination of exercises, individual and group projects.  This course   will provide students with a strong understanding of character motion and techniques needed to become a game or motion picture character   animator.  (Prerequisite: MERT 50) 

MERT 53 Advanced Animation / Demo Reels (3.0 units)

Description: This course is a complete exercise in producing a 3D animation demo reel.  Topics covered include story structure, character development and interaction, environmental development, video editing, audio mixing and voice acting.  Students receive a thorough overview of the necessary elements required for a professional reel, as well as an opportunity to participate in a team environment in producing such work.  MERT 52 or CIDG 261 are strongly recommended but not required.  (Prerequisite: MERT 50 or CIDG 160)


Last Updated 3/8/17