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Program Schedule, Costs & Outcomes


12-Month, Traditional - Begins January and ends December, applications open June
12-Month, Traditional - Begins June and ends June of following year, applications open January

Accelerated/4-6 Kelly-B Shift Based/Hybrid Track - (9 months) Begins January and ends September, applications open July.

12-Month, Traditional - WINTER START


  • EMS 80 Paramedic Anatomy & Physiology
  • EMS 81 Paramedic Introduction to EMS


  • EMS-82 Paramedic Cardiology
  • EMS-83 Paramedic Pharmacology
  • EMS-84 Emergency Medical Services


  • EMS-85 Paramedic Clinical


  • EMS-86 Paramedic Field Internship

12-Month, Traditional - SUMMER START


  • EMS 80 Paramedic Anatomy & Physiology
  • EMS 81 Paramedic Introduction to EMS


  • EMS-82 Paramedic Cardiology
  • EMS-83 Paramedic Pharmacology
  • EMS-84 Emergency Medical Services


  • EMS-85 Paramedic Clinical


  • EMS-86 Paramedic Field


9.5-Month, Accelerated / 4-6 Kelly B-Shift Based / Hybrid Track  - WINTER START


  • EMS 80 Paramedic Anatomy & Physiology
  • EMS 81 Paramedic Introduction to EMS
  • EMS 82 Paramedic Cardiology - begin
  • EMS 83 Paramedic Pharmacology - begin


  • EMS-82 Paramedic Cardiology - complete
  • EMS-83 Paramedic Pharmacology - complete
  • EMS-84 Emergency Medical Services
  • EMS-85 Paramedic Clinical - begin


  • EMS-85 Paramedic Clinical - complete
  • EMS 86 Paramedic Field - begin (completion second week of Fall semester)

***A minimum of an 80% must be achieved on all final written and skills exams in order for advancement to next course in series (EMS 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 and 86) and graduation.





The Faculty and Staff at Victor Valley College have worked diligently to reduce the costs of paramedic education for all students. Realizing that education can inherently come with many sacrifices on the part of the student and the college district through reduced funding, we are determined not to sacrifice the quality of the education that we provide for you towards becoming a competent and well-trained paramedic.

Leveraging industry partnerships, private / public grants, and administrative support, the Victor Valley College EMS Department is able to provide a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced educational experience without passing along the cost to the student. In the Winter of 2015, we implemented a fee structure that reduces overall student costs to less than $4000 for the entire program and provides the following to each student:

  • Uniforms
  • Digital library of most textbooks used in the program (e-books)
  • Hard copies of textbooks not currently in e-format
  • PPE's / MedPak
  • Digital testing format for all exams and quizzes
  • Web-based didactic content / skills / clinical and field tracking tool
  • Background check
  • Drug screening

The Victor Valley College fee schedule currently assesses $46 per unit. There are additional fees for parking and ASB memberships. Our program is 40.5 units and has a fee assessment schedule to cover all of the above listed items as follows:

  • EMS 80 - $621 materials fee + $161 unit fee @ $46 / unit (3.5 units)
  • EMS 81 - $621 materials fee + $161 unit fee @ $46 / unit (3.5 units)
  • EMS 82 - $221 materials fee + $207 unit fee @ $46 / unit (4.5 units)
  • EMS 83 - $221 materials fee + $161 unit fee @ $46 / unit (3.5 units)
  • EMS 84 - $460 unit fee @ $46 / unit (10 units) - no materials fee assessed
  • EMS 85 - $184 unit fee @ $46 / unit (4 units) + $13.00 Liability Insurance - no materials fees assessed
  • EMS 86 - $529 unit fee @ $46 / unit (11.5 units) + $13.00 Liability Insurance - no materials fees assessed


Each student is required to bring their own device (we recommend a tablet-type platform for portability) that must be capable of the following:

  • Minimum of 64 GB memory
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Use a Mac iOS or Android OS systems
  • Ability to open pdf, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.



All programs must publish, preferably in a readily accessible place on their websites, the 3-year review-window average results of the outcomes for: National Registry (or State, as applicable) Written and Practical Exams, Retention, and Positive Placement. At all times, the published results must be consistent with and verifiable by the online Annual Report of the program.

                                                          2018           2017          2016        

Graduates:                                        62               44               30                      TOTAL: 136

Outcomes Assessments                                                                            2014-2016 3yr avg

Attrition                                           16.2%          14.3%           21.1 %                      18.2%      

Retention                                         83.8%          85.7%           78.9 %                       81.7%

Positive Placement                          100%           100%             100%                        100%

National Registry Written                100%           97.8%             90%                        93.6%

National Registry Practical              100%           100%            100%                         100%


NOTE: 2019 results will be included in the 2020 Annual Report to CoAEMSP in March of 2021 and this page will be updated to accurately reflect those outcomes.******

NOTE: Beginning from 2017 forward, the outcomes posted are no longer considered as a 3-year average. The 2016 year results posted are the last year in which a 3-year average is calculated. The number in bold, on the right side column under '2014-2016 3yr avg' reflects the inclusion in the previous requirement.


*See schedule above for course enrollment schedule to get a sense of when these fees will be assessed. Some courses (such as EMS 80 & 81 / EMS 82 & 83) are run concurrently during the semester.

**Fees do not include NREMT licensing exam at the end of the program or graduation costs. These two items can be offset by the class through fundraising or donations specifically earmarked for these purposes. The VVCCD (Victor Valley Community College District) does not financially support the Paramedic Graduation ceremony.

***Financial Aid and payment plans may be available for unit and materials fee costs. More information will be given at the orientation once the candidate has been accepted to the program. A representative from the Financial Aid department will be present to answer questions and provide guidance.

****Fee schedule is subject to change by the State Chancellors Office. Materials Fees are approved by the VVC Board of Trustees through a process of transparency and demonstrated benefit to the student.

***** Some or all of the materials fees may be waived for returning students (exited out of the program for academics, self-withdraw, etc) that have already been assessed these fees - depending on where the exit point was for that student.

****** Outcome results will be published for all 2019 cohorts in the 2020 Annual Report to CoAEMSP and will be updated on this page.



Last Updated 2/11/20