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RESPIRATORY THERAPY :: Clinical Instructors

Respiratory Therapy - Clinical Instructors - group photo

Back row (L-R): Mark, Yolanda, Robert, Joseph, Alisa, Kim, Roger,O.B., & Bruce.
Middle row(L-R): Amber, Jenn, & Mohamed
Front row (L-R): Sandra, Christy, Hope, Traci, Marda, Henry, & Russ

  • Roger L. Berg, D.Sc, RCP, RRT-NPS
  • Alisa L. Carey, RCP, RRT
  • Joseph E. Carrillo, RCP, RRT
  • Sandra M. Cegielski, BS, RCP, RRT
  • Christy Chesnut, RCP, RRT
  • Mark C. Connolly, RCP, RRT
  • Henry Do, BS, RCP, RRT
  • Hope Do, RCP, RRT
  • Mohamed M. Elhanafy, RCP, RRT-NPS
  • Tina Espinal, RCP, RRT
  • Vincent Garcia, RCP, RRT
  • Brendan Gongol, RCP, RRT
  • Jennifer M. Haas-Burroughs, RN, RRT
  • Traci L. Marin, PHD, MPH, RRT, RPSGT
  • Yolanda D. McCoy, RCP, RRT
  • Carolyn Meyers, RCP, RRT
  • Robert Ortega, RCP, RRT
  • Marda Rigus, RCP, RRT
  • Daniel Rojas, RCP, RRT
  • Kim M. Smith, RCP, RRT

Victor Valley College Clinical Instructors meet the following requirements:

  • Current California Respiratory Care Practitioner license
  • RRT credential
  • Associate degree with 6 years experience
  • Bachelors degree with 2 years experience

Intrinsic motivation toward betterment of the profession by supporting student learning and demonstrating leadership by example.