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Diversity and Success

Diversity and success is what we are all about

Some of our success stories:

Elizabeth Bradford photo
Denise Kucera was a Fall 1998 recipient of an $850.00 scholarship from the National Restaurant Association.


Lilik Thorossian photo
Elizabeth Bradford was a Fall 1999 recipient of a $1500.00 scholarship from the California Restaurant Association.


photo of students in kitchen
Lilik Thorossian, a fourth semester student won the Spring 1999 Pro/Mgmt. Scholarship Award. The $850.00 scholarship was sponsored by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to assist students in attaining career and educational goals.


Through the development of the Restaurant Management Training classes, diverse groups are now being trained to enter the workforce.

Apple Valley High School students learn to work in the kitchen doing various duties including, running the dishwasher, understanding safety and sanitation as well as learning to get along with other members of the team.

Denise Kucera photo
Apple Valley Hight School Students:
Back: Joanne Prager (instructional aide), Jonathan Davis,
Front: Matt Black, Desiree Headworth

Understanding a new language in a new country can be very stressful. �Through the conglomeration of various agencies, Russian immigrants learn to work in a varied and culturally diverse kitchen setting to prepare them for jobs in the Victor Valley area. Several students are now place in various food service restaurants in the high desert and doing extremely well.

Apple Valley High School students