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Cuauhtémoc (Mo) Franco, M.A.

  Professor, Spanish

   francom@ vvc.edu

    B.A., California State University, Fresno   

    M.A., California State University, Fresno


¡Hola, Amigos!

My name is Cuauhtémoc (Mo) Franco.  I am a native of Mexico, but have lived in the United States for many years.

I have worked at Victor Valley College since 1990, and have taught all levels of Spanish offered at the College. I really enjoy teaching Spanish at Victor Valley College.  I feel very comfortable with the student population and I like the camaraderie of my colleagues. 

Other experiences that I have had outside of California have been in Mexico and Spain.  I have visited many states of the Mexican Republic, among them Jalisco, the land of the Mariachis.  I lived there for three years, and I was there for a semester with the Study Abroad Program that Victor Valley College was part of in 1993.  Students who participated in that program told me that it was the most exhilarating learning experience that a Spanish language student could have, educationally and culturally.  I have also visited some of the most exciting cities and cultural cities and cultural centers of Spain.  In 1998, I took courses at the University of Salamanca.  For the past five years, our Study Abroad Program has been held at this University.

Victor Valley College has been growing and continues to grow, not only in its infrastructure and new building, but also demographically.  Our student population has been growing steadily, and so have our Spanish courses.  We have gone from fifteen courses to twenty one in the last two years.  During that time we have increased from one to three full-time Spanish Instructors, and from three to six part-time Spanish Instructors.  We have a Language Lab with thirty computer stations that is only two years old.  It is an exciting time to be a student and to be an instructor at Victor Valley College.

Bienvenidos a las clases de español, where twenty one different Spanish speaking countries will open the doors for you to 300 million Spanish speaking people to practice with.  Take my class and be ready for some serious learning and cultural experiences.  A Spanish course gets easier if you come with an open mind, with a positive attitude, and with lots of energy and enthusiasm and a passionate desire to learn a new language.  It takes all of this and more to really learn a new language.  So come, take my class, and have some fun.  Mi clase es tu clase.

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