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Vocabulary and Grammar Practice Sites for Spanish 

This page contains vocabulary and grammar exercises for students of Spanish.  It includes activities dealing with vocabulary and grammar.  This site can be used by beginning, intermediate, and advanced students who wish to review their skills or those who need extra practice around test time.

Spanish Grammar Exercises by Barbara Kuczun Nelson at Colby College.  
Here you will find many wonderful exercises to review vocabulary and grammar.  It also contains an extensive list of other online exercises for Spanish.

Spanish Language Exercises by Juan Ramón de Arana
This site presents a series of language exercises for the purpose of facilitating the learning and teaching of Spanish in the internet environment.

Learn Spanish: A free on-line tutorial
Here you can find grammatical explanations and self-correcting exercises on just about any topic that is covered in beginning and intermediate Spanish. (Warning!  This site is also trying to sell books!)

This site is from the Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  It contains an extensive review of grammar and language: conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, prepositions, preterit vs. imperfect, pronouns, etc.

La ropa (Clothes)
Exercises to help students learn clothing vocabulary in Spanish.

Foreign languages for Travelers
Select Spanish.  Here you can find basic phrases and words with sound.  There are also links to dictionaries and Spanish learning sites.

Verb Conjugation Quizzes
This site quizzes students on verb conjugations. Students should read all instructions before doing these exercises.  There are over 2000 verbs to choose from, including regular, stem-changing, irregulars and 16 tenses plus imperative, participle, and gerund.

Grammar Exercises
Good site to be used as a tutor for Spanish students that require help outside the classroom.  It explains how nouns in English are divided into two groups and then explains in depth how nouns are placed in two categories in Spanish depending on the letter (a or o) that they end in plus lots more.

BBC Education-Spanish
This site contains many resources for students of Spanish organized by level:  beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Resources and games for travelers are also available.

Have fun!  ¡Qué se diviertan!

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