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2017 Bridge Competition | Online Registration

2016 Bridge Competition

The most stimulating aspects of engineering is ‘Problem Solving’. To stimulate this creativity, a competition to design a bridge from Popsicle sticks, which could carry the most weight (ratio of the weight of the bridge compared to load carried by the bridge) was introduced to local high school students.

The competition was held on Feb. 17, 2016 on VVC’s campus, and fourteen local high school teams competed in this event. The first place winner’s bridge, weighing only 0.290 lb. carried a load of 242 lbs., or a ratio of 83,210.5 – a remarkable factor.

Congratulations to our winners, and all the participating student teams. We also would like to thank our high schools teachers for their encouragement and working with their students, as well as VVC’s students for their assistance in running such as successful event, and pictures highlighting the event.

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