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2017 Bridge Competition

2nd Annual High School Bridge Competition


How would you span a freeway, a deep canyon gorge, a river or an ocean waterway?  Bridges are essential to our world’s infrastructure.


Model Bridge Building Competition, designed to create a greater awareness of careers in engineering, gives students the opportunity to making the connection between what they learn in the classroom and real-world applications.  But the competition is about more than building a bridge.  It is about stimulating, educating, communicating, about real-life problem solving (engineering) and its contribution to society.  Students will best experience tomorrow’s opportunities by applying technical applications to today’s problems.  Working in teams of two, students were challenged to design and build a bridge from basswood and commonly available adhesive (


A total of twenty-two teams, juniors and seniors from area high schools, competed in Victor Valley College’s 2nd Annual High School Bridge Competition on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.  The goal of competition was to build a bridge with highest efficiency, where efficiency was calculated by taking the force applied to the bridge at failure and dividing it by the weight of the bridge.  Winning teams, all from Adelanto High School, were:

1st place:  David Vallejo and Alex De La Rosa

2nd place: Allen Hanscom and Matthew Quang

3rd place: Beatriz Garcia and Amanda Martinez


Finally, and on behalf of students, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Victor Valley College’s Foundation for their financial support in providing scholarships to the winning teams.

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