Application Process

Program Description

The Model United Nations (MUN) Program at Victor Valley College was established in 2002 with the knowledge that in an ever-divergent world, we must promote a better understanding of the world in which we live through research and cooperation, and evolve the viewpoint of students and of the High Desert Community into an international perspective. 

 MUN allows students, regardless of their academic major or future goals, to pursue the study of international politics, diplomacy, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and public speaking. 

 The team participates in a number of MUN conferences, including several local venues, and is one of only fifteen community colleges from across the globe to participate in the prestigious National Model United Nation (NMUN) Conferences in Washington, DC and New York City. 

 The student delegations at the NMUN conferences must represent their country in a variety of United Nations committees.  At the end of the conferences, three levels of awards are provided to those colleges and universities that have excelled in their performance throughout the conference.  I am proud to announce that VVC has brought home top awards FOR THE LAST NINE YEARS!  This has consistently placed them in the top 3% internationally, a feat never accomplished by any other community college.

 The topics on which students must research and debate range from discussions on the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, to world health issues such as the state of the AIDS crisis and transnational diseases, to the political methodology for addressing international trade and development.  Students from the High Desert will compete against top colleges and universities from across the state of California in the local conferences, including UC-San Diego, CSU-Pomona, and Riverside Community College.

 At the national MUN conferences students compete against teams and schools from across the world, including Georgetown University, the National Team from Japan, the University of Macedonia, and the National Team from the United Kingdom. 

 Both the local and national conferences assists students in gaining valuable skills that can be translated into financial success in the business world.  The students gain practical experience in conflict resolution, interpersonal communication with Western and non-Western cultures, and other valuable skills such as networking, team building, leadership, and public speaking. 


Application Components

The Application process for the VVC MUN conference teams consists of four components. 

  • The first part is the completion of an application. The application deadlines are definite, and it must be submitted on time to be considered complete. You need to use the online application link provided at the bottom of this web page to submit your application for consideration.
  • The second part is the MUN entrance exam. It consists of 50 multiple-choice questions culled from the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Services Exam and covers a wide breadth of areas.  Students will have up to 30 minutes to take the exam.
  • The third part consists of a writing sample.  The writing sample is designed to give the Director an indication of the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to their writing abilities.  The writing sample will consist of a maximum of 250 words and answers the following question:
    • Recently, France became the first Western country to recognize the Syrian Rebel Alliance.  In your opinion, is this a good development?  Also, do you think the United States should follow suit?  Explain your reasonings.
  • The fourth part will be an interview conducted by a faculty panel.  The interviews will assess the student’s abilities to handle themselves in expected situations.  The interview will last no more than 5 minutes.


Application Deadline

The deadline for the application is Friday, September 15th, 2017 by 12:30pm. You must use the link provided at the bottom of this page to submit your application.


Upcoming Conferences

The VVC MUN team attends conferences around the country. For more information, view our Calendar of Events.

View our Calendar of Events


Conference Name and Deposit Amounts

Students participating in Model United Nations conferences are each required to pay the following amounts as contributions toward the expenses of traveling to and attending the following conferences:

  • NMUN-NY: $300
  • NMUNFW: $250

Deposits are designed to represent the student registration costs for each conference and for the team meals.  Team meals will vary from conference to conference.