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Board of Governors Fee Waiver | All Up To Me

All Up To Me

I lost my BOG, Now What Do I Do?

...Workshops in Student Success

These short, just 2 hours long, workshops are for Victor Valley College students who have been notified that they have lost the Board of Governor’s fee waiver (BOG). The BOG pays for enrollment fees at the college.

What to do?

You have three options, choices you can make in order to regain your BOG eligibility. You can:

  1. Appeal the Loss. Notable significant documentation, however, is required. Check your BOG loss notification letter for the criterion, then decide if you truly believe you will qualify to be granted reinstatement.
  2. Don’t Wait. Enroll at another community college, attend there over two consecutive semesters, or stay unenrolled at VVC over the same time period.
  3. Take Action. Continue on with your VVC classes, all with the intention of reclaiming your BOG status by recapturing a GPA above 2.0 and in obtaining a completion rate above 50 percent just as soon as you can.

The ALL UP TO ME WORKSHOPS can help you with option #3.

At the All UP TO ME, now what do I do workshop, hosted by the Counseling Department of Victor Valley College, you will gain tips on rapidly improving student study strategies, managing your finances effectively these next few months, balancing your time prudently between school and “life”, and discovering helpful ways to keep your stress level in check.

student smiling with books stacked on her head

You’ll also, come away with really good information to assist towards choosing the best major and career, should you be yet undecided.

Pre-registration is required. Registration opens June 25, Saturday. Register for just ONE session only. Once you register for a session, you are committed. Limited seating is available.


Register for a Session Online

Session Options:

DATE DAY 9:30-11:30AM 2:00-4:00PM 6:00-8:00PM LOCATION
July 6 Wednesday X X SAC Room B
July 7 Thursday X X SAC Room B
July 9 Saturday X X SAC Room C
August 15 Monday X SAC Room B

Allow ample time to secure parking. Click here to view a college map.