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Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Committee

Welcome to the Student Success and Support Program Committee website.

To view Committee Documents (Agendas, Minutes and more), click the "Committee Documents" link to the left.


  Sep 4, Sep 18, Oct 2, Oct 16, Nov 6,  Dec 4,  from 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm

  Spring Meetings to be announced

       The Committee meets 1st and 3rd Thursday initially,

       and then once a month on the 1st Thursday 


1.   Arthur Lopez/Dean of Student Services (ADVOCATE; MANAGEMENT)
2.   Jazmin Gailey, ASB Student
3.   Mike McCracken, Faculty, CHAIR
4.   Carl Smith, Faculty
5.   Pamela James, Faculty
6.   Stephen Toner, Faculty
7.   Cheryl Elsmore, Faculty 
8.   Patricia Witt, Classifie
9.   Mark Clair, Classified
10. Patricia Witt, Classified
11. Elaine Navarrete, Classified
12. Sergio Oklander, Management
13. Greta Moon, Management
14. Jason Judkins, Management
15. Jeffrey Holmes, Management
16. Margaret Kagy, Recorder


Last Updated 8/16/16