Employer Internship Application Process

Apply for an Internship Partnership with

Cooperative Work Experience Education

Please be advised this process takes between 2 - 6 weeks to complete. 


STEP 1 - Apply:  Submit the information about your internship opportunity here Work Experience Education Employer Application.


STEP 2 - Approval:  The Cooperative Work Experience Education faculty will review the submitted application and determine if it is a viable learning opportunity for Victor Valley College students.  You will be contacted within 1-2 weeks via email.


STEP 3 - Internship Agreement:  Internships will need to sign the Internship Agreement, which will be sent if the internship is approved.  The Cooperative Work Experience Education Placement Specialist will contact you for signatures on this agreement.


STEP 4 - Market:  If the internship is approved the Cooperative Work Experience Education department will market the internship on their website and Victor Valley College's social media accounts.


STEP 5 - Recruitment:  Based on the intern application method selected in the Employer Internship Application (step 1) the employer will review the applications received and conduct interviews and select the students they find qualified.  The employer will notify the Cooperative Work Experience Education department  of which students were selected by the deadline given.


STEP 6 - Enrollment:  Selected students will be contacted by the Placement Specialist in the Cooperative Work Experience Education department to register, complete the required documents, and schedule the virtual group orientation.


Please note available or interested interns are not guaranteed.