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FKCE Curriculum Advisory Board

2009/10 Meetings: Currently, quarterly meetings are held on Wednesdays from 3-5 PM at the FKCE Offices. Please join us when you can.

August 26, 2009     Meeting minutes

October 28, 2009   Meeting minutes

2008/09 Meetings:

August 27, 2008     Meeting minutes

October 22, 2008   Meeting minutes

February 25, 2009  Meeting minutes

May 27, 2009           Meeting minutes

2007/08 Meetings:
August 29, 2007        Meeting minutes
November 28, 2007  Meeting minutes
January 30, 2008      Meeting minutes
April 30, 2008            Meeting minutes

Meeting location:
FKCE Offices
12046 Jacaranda Avenue, Suite A, Hesperia, CA 92345
(760) 245-4271 x 2721


  • Carolyn Buchanan, Foster Parent, Past-President FARE Association
  • Carlos Cervantes, San Bernardino County Foster Parent Ombudsman
  • Anthony Chambers, Director, High Desert Youth & Family Resource Center
  • Peggy Dub, San Bernardino County Kinship Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Dunford, Social Worker, San Bdno. County DCS, Foster Home Licensing
  • Paul Durham, San Bernardino County Schools, Foster Youth Services, YES Center
  • Janice Tamkin, San Bernardino County
  • Antonia Garcia, Desert Mountain SELPA, FKCE Bilingual Trainer
  • Marcelino Garza, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, FKCE Volunteer Trainer
  • Berkeley Harris, Families in Transition
  • Trish Hill, Public Relations Officer, Apple Valley Police Department
  • Kelley Johnson, Director VVC Child Development Center
  • Dr. Lori Kildal, Dean of Academic Instruction, Victor Valley College
  • Marlene Hagan, Deputy Director, Dept. of Children's Services
  • Robert Manghane, President, Fostercare and Relative Emphasis (FARE) Association
  • Annette Morgan, Adopive Parent, FKCE Trainer
  • Nikki Morgan, Kinship Caregiver
  • Dr. Bob Ness,Assoc. Director, High Desert Relative Caregivers
  • Dr. Wesley Sanders, San Bernardino County, Family 2 Family
  • Rebecca Talley, Instructional Specialist & Trainer, FKCE
  • Jackie Taylor, SSP, TDM Facilitator, San Bernardino County, Family 2 Family
  • Dawn VanZant, Helping Hands: Kinship Support Services
  • Tiffany Walker, San Bernardino County ILP
  • Delores Williams, Millionaire Mind Kids



Last Updated: 3/24/16