Instructional Programs: School of Public Safety & Industrial Technology

Welcome to Victor Valley College, School of Public Safety & Industrial Technology (PS/IT). Our school has a long history of providing excellent instruction in Career Education (CE). We continue the tradition by offering progressive instruction incorporating the latest technology, which enhances the students' opportunities in today's workforce. Our highly educated and experienced faculty are experts in their field, many who currently work in their specialty area.

The list of departments and programs of the School of Public Safety & Industrial Technology are listed below. Please search our website to become familiar with our offerings and courses. If you have questions, please reach out. 

Victor Valley College: (760) 245-4271

Adult Education/Home Economics: Dr. McKenzie Tarango, Dean Ext. 2768

Adult Education English/English as Second Language: Maria Ruiz, Department Chair Ext. 2686

Automotive Technology: Lee Bennett, Department Chair Ext. 2403

Aviation Technology: Christopher Ohshita, Department Chair 760-246-9794

Basic Skills: Patty Golder, Department Chair Ext. 2540

Construction Technology: Anthony Bonato, Department Chair Ext. 2817

Cooperative Education: Julia Wendt, Department Chair Ext. 2288

Criminal Justice: Rand Padgett, Department Chair Ext. 2710

EMS/Paramedic/EMT: Dave Oleson, Department Chair Ext. 2738

Fire Technology: Patrick Howard, Department Chair Ext. 3113

Welding Technology: Troy Kuhns, Department Chair Ext. 2294