A wonderful partnership exists between the Automotive Department at Victor Valley College and the new car dealerships that comprise the Auto Park at Valley Center. An internship cohort has been established to allow a select group of well prepared and career focused students the opportunity to experience the real world work environment of a new car dealership service department. Currently internship positions exist for both service technicians as well as service advisors. To be eligible for a recommendation for this internship experience students must meet a set of preset standards that mirror what is required for full time employment at a facility such as the one where the student will be placed for the internship. The following checklist provides an outline of some of the items students must adhere to in order to be considered for an internship position.

  • Successful completion of an online application.
  • Successful enrollment in Auto-138 Automotive Cooperative Education
  • Student must have a valid California driver's license and provide a California DMV driving record to the internship employer. The student must have an acceptable driving record as determined by the dealership. Follow the link to request a California DMV driving record request.
  • A Social Security card that can be presented to the dealership.
  • Ability to successfully pass a pre-employment background screening including a drug test. Please note that medical marijuana use is not permissible.
  • Recommendation from a full time Automotive Instructor at Victor Valley College. To be eligible for a recommendation from a full time instructor the instructor will be looking for at least the following student behavior in class.
    • Consistently arriving on time to class, being attentive and engaged in class at all times and not leaving until dismissed by the instructor.
    • Attending all class sessions. If a student is going to be absent they must contact the instructor at least 15 minutes prior to the class session start time. Please see the individual instructors for their minimum course attendance requirements for internship recommendation.
    • Students must continually conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner. This behavior includes but is not limited to all items listed in the Automotive Department Policies and procedures manual.
    • The ability to effectively take and follow directions and work independently with minimal interaction with the instructors.