Kaiser - KP Learning Modules / Certificates

Read the directions carefully prior to completing your KP Learning Modules/Certificates.  You will receive via college email your assigned “NUID” number.  This NUID will allow nursing students the required KP Learning Modules/Certificates.


  • Follow the directions to access “KP Learning Modules”

  • Website to access “KP Learning Modules”:

    1. http://learn.kp.org/

  • Complete and print the “KP Learning Modules” as directed on the Kaiser website above.

  • Some computer systems may not allow “KP Learning Modules/Certificates” to open. If this occurs, call the given “Help” number in the Module information.  You will be forwarded to Kaiser Computer Tech for assistance.

  • Complete, print, and return the KP Modules to the nursing office.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email me @:  Deanna.Sherrick@vvc.edu will respond as soon as I can to help.  You may contact your clinical instructor as well.