Kaiser | Mandatory Signature Documents

Please read the directions for the Mandatory Signature Documents Carefully.

Kaiser requires each student each semester to read, sign, and return the Required Documents prior to your clinical beginning.

This section consists of Required Signature Documents for your Kaiser rotation.  Please keep in mind, the documents may change, or Kaiser may replace these documents accordingly as required by hospital policy.  If this occurs, ample time will be given to our students to complete.

Each document may have areas to complete which could be unclear. 

Fill these sections as directed:

  • NUID/Employee ID = Your assigned number once received from Clinical Coordinator
  • Office (VVC)*
  • Nursing Units =
    • Np1 = 6N/6S/7N/7S
    • Np3 = 6N/6S/7N/7S
    • Np2 = Pediatrics
  • Primary Phone # = Cell number
  • Alternate Contact # = VVC School #
  • Employee Signature = Student Signature 


ATTENTION: All documents must be printed one-sided.

            NP1/NP3 DUE:   August 7, 2019

            NP2 (PEDS ONLY) DUE:  October 7, 2019

  If you have any questions please email:  Deanna Sherrick, Clinical Coordinator at: Deanna.Sherrick@vvc.edu. (Email is the best means to contact Deanna for any questions or concerns).