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Auxiliary Services Department

The Auxiliary Services department oversees or coordinates the activities of the following areas at VVC:

To speak with a staff member from  Auxiliary Services, dial 760-245-4271 + the extension shown in the table below.




Email Address

Robert A. Sewell

Director, Auxiliary Services, ASB Advisor

ext. 2395

Deanna Murphy

Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services, Phi Theta Kappa Advisor

ext. 2707

Kathy Mata

Accounting Technician II

ext. 2612

Carl Durheim

Bookstore Operations Assistant

ext. 2795

Maria Rempfer

Bookstore Operations Assistant

ext. 2327

Kendra Ullger

Bookstore Operations Assistant

ext. 2794

Thomas Jimenez

Bookstore Warehouse Delivery Worker

ext. 2910

Eric Pearson

Performing Arts Center Coordinator

ext. 2440

Nancy Christian

Performing Arts Center Technician

ext. 2513

Deborah Prewett

Auxiliary Services Assistant

ext. 2259

Angela Perdomo

Auxiliary Services Assistant

ext. 2259

Scott Mulligan

Print Services Specialist

ext. 8501

Frank Walker

Print Services Technician

ext. 2565