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Admission to VVC

A K-12 student will be admitted to VVC as a special part-time student if it has been determined by the K-12 school that the student is prepared for degree-applicable credit coursework. The school principal or designee must recommend and certify that the student is prepared for college level coursework. For Home School students, a copy of the affidavit which has been filed with the Superintendent of Public Instruction must be submitted to the Admissions and Records office prior to registration. Although the K-12 school makes this recommendation, all students must complete VVC's placement tests in English and mathematics as part of the admission process.  Click here for VVC Steps to Enrollment for Concurrent Students (K-12 grade).(pdf)

Placement test exemptions

Students enrolling only in music performance, theatrical performance, and/or physical education activity courses are exempt from taking placement tests.

Age / Grade Level Restrictions on Enrollment

Age and/or grade level restrictions vary by course and are determined by the faculty in each department.Click here for a list of age/grade level restrictions. (pdf)

Unit Limitation

Concurrent students are limited to enrollment in 11units maximum per semester, 8 units maximum per Winter or Summer Session.

Concurrent Form

A completed "Concurrent Enrollment" form must be submitted  each semester before the K-12 student can register for classes. Download the Dual Enrollment Form here.



Last Updated 12/1/17