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Associated Student Body Goals

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2014-2015 Goals


  1. INCREASE NUMBER OF TRANSFER DEGREES - Recognizing students' need for educational advancement opportunities, the ASB Council requires the Office of Instruction to provide a fuller compliment of transfer degrees.
  2. INCREASED ACCREDITATION AWARENESSThe ASB Council will ensure the student body has full knowledge of VVC's accreditation status and its impact on VVC students.
  3. ADDITIONAL COUNSELING RESOURCES - The ASB Council requests the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services provide additional funding for counseling services.
  4. ENHANCE WEB ACCESS - The ASB Council strongly urges the Vice President of Administrative Services to upgrade campus Wi-Fi coverage and to stabilize access to WebAdvisor during peak periods.
  5. MORE SCHOLARSHIPS - To maximize the potential for student success, the ASB Council will award 50% more Merit, Service, and Transfer scholarships, as well as generate campus-wide scholarship awareness.
  6. IMPLEMENT EARLY ALERT SYSTEM FOR AT-RISK STUDENTS - The ASB Council requests the Dean of Student Services to create an early alert system to engage, track, and retain students.
  7. GREATER STUDENT ENGAGEMENT - The ASB Council will enhance student engagement by implementing the use of social media platforms such as:
    • Student Driven Events Calendar
    • Digital Media Publications
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Applications
  8. INCREASE STUDENT INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - The ASB Council requests the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services develop strategic partnerships with business and community-based organizations to increase internships which promote student professionalism and career development.
  9. DEVELOP GREEN INITIATIVE - The ASB Council requests the President's Cabinet to develop policies and procedures for the VVC Green Initiatives through:
    • Fostering a culture of sustainable awareness and action
    • Monitoring and reducing waste of all campus operations and activities
  10. FOOD PANTRY RESOURCE ACCESS - The ASB Council recognizes the growing student need for consumable resource availability, and will prepare a system of referrals and install partnerships with community-based providers, organizations, and pathways.
  11. IMPROVE SPORTS FACILITIES - The ASB Council strongly encourages the Superintendent/President to enrich our physical education curriculum by refurbishing outdated sports facilities and adding state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
  12. INCREASE STUDENT PARTICIPATION - The ASB Council will increase the student participation on campus by:
    • Creating more clubs
    • Promoting club involvement
    • Acknowledging club success