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Associated Student Body Goals

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2016-2017 Goals


Each year our student council members commit themselves to represent student interests at VVC. This year we worked through a council developed list of 448 goals, then consolidated, paird and wordsmithed them to our final list. We are proud to announce our eleven Goals & Objectives for 2016-2017 which we feel will enhance the Student Experience at Victor Valley College.

Through the support of VVC faculty, staff, administration, and board members, past Associated Student Body Councils have achieved many goals and paved the way for the current council to continue on a road to success.

While completion of our personal educational goals are of primary concern, we desire to maintain, foster and further a stronger sense of pride in the cultural, political, and academic achievements of the VVC Community.

The 2016 -2017 V.V.C. Associated Student Body’s road map follows eleven major goals and objectives.

  1. Student e-mail is critical to ensure students are informed of vital updates that enhance student success. ASB requests that the Superintendent /President provide e-mail to currently enrolled students.
  2. Wifi: The ASB council recognizes the immediate demand for enhanced network
    coverage, and request the Superintendent/President and Management Information
    Systems continue upgrading its quality and capabilities in high-traffic areas such as the Library and Student Activities Center.
  3. Considering the Student Success Initiative’s mandate to shorten the time students take to complete their degrees, the ASB fully supports the Dean of Student Services effort to allow students to retake the assessment test after a shorter period than currently designated.
  4. Access to the mobile application for student services is a high priority. The ASB requests that the Chief Information Officer make it available to the students.
  5. The ASB supports the establishment of the online education plan generator and request the Dean of Student Services and Management Information Systems implement it.
  6. ASB will continue to collaborate with food vendors at VVC to provide healthier food
    alternatives and greater variety at competitive prices, and continue to develop a student meal plan.
  7. The ASB urges the college to expand tutoring services to include scientific disciplines, and include evening hours to serve working students.
  8. Student Services Availability: The ASB insists that the Dean of Student Services improve scheduling efficiency and availability for all programs through the use of online tools.
  9. ASB requests the Vice President of Instruction to expand Library hours during critical times, such as midterms and finals.
  10. The ASB requests that the Superintendent/President, Vice President of Instruction, and Faculty Senate increase the number and variety of foreign language classes to meet rising demand for a diverse course catalog.
  11. In order to improve familiarity with the vital services offered by the Transfer Center, and facilitate the College’s mission to help students move to the next stage, the ASB
    requests the College increase the number of transfer fairs.



Last Updated 9/23/16