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Associated Student Body Goals

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2015-2016 Goals


Each year our eighteen elected student council members commit themselves to represent student interests at VVC. We are proud to announce our Goals & Objectives for 2015-2016 which we feel will enhance the Student Experience at Victor Valley College.

Through the support of the faculty, staff, and administration, past Associated Student Body Councils have achieved many goals and paved the way for the current council to continue on their road to success.

While completion of our personal educational goals are of primary concern, we desire to maintain, foster and further a stronger sense of pride in the cultural, political, and academic achievements of the VVC Community.

The 2015 -2016 V.V.C. Associated Student Body’s road map follows thirteen major goals and objectives.

  1. ASB strongly supports the Superintendent/President, Vice-President of Instruction, Dean of Student Services, and SSP committee in their recommendation to update the current online orientation video to support student services.
  2. To improve outreach efforts the ASB will: provide ASB sponsored campus events while encouraging student, staff and administration participation, increase awareness of student resources on campus and ASB card benefits.
  3. The ASB requests that the Director of Facilities and the Director of Maintenance and Operations immediately address campus signage in order to better guide students and the community to various locations around campus.
  4. To meet the increasing student body demand for tutors, the ASB requests the Superintendent President, and Vice President of Instruction to approve additional resources for tutoring services.
  5. The ASB council will increase communication with necessary departments to ensure campus beautification through aesthetic  enhancements and cleanliness.
  6. Adequate counseling services are critical to student success, the ASB requests the Superintendent President, Executive Vice President of Instruction and student services to provide additional funding for counseling services.
  7. The ASB will work with the current food venders at VVC to provide healthier food alternatives at competitive prices and develop a student meal plan.
  8. The ASB supports the efforts of the Dean of Student Services and the MIS department to establish the option for online educational plans.
  9. The ASB council, requests a continued commitment from the Department of Facilities to include, gender neutral, single stall restrooms in renovated and newly constructed academic and administrative facilities.
  10. The ASB requests that Superintendent/President reinitiate the VVC recycling program to benefit the campus climate, enhance the campus environment, and to reduce the current carbon footprint.
  11. To meet the demand of the student body, ASB requests the Director of Financial Aid improve the efficiency of financial aid process by utilizing all available financial aid windows.
  12. The ASB requests the Chief of Police implement additional time restricted parking to support the student needs in the SAC.
  13. The ASB council request the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services for a renewed commitment to develop strategic partnerships with business and community-based organizations to increase student jobs and internships which promotes professional and career development.