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Associated Student Body Goals

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2013-2014 Goals


  1. The Associated Student Body (ASB) will promote the use of social media to enhance awareness of student issues, activities, and successes.
  2. The ASB Council will encourage campus beautification initiative, including student-led art projects, integration of school colors, and coverings for outdoor seating areas.
  3. The ASB will increase the number of ASB-sponsored scholarships awarded.
  4. The ASB Council will prepare the necessary data to ensure potential implementation of a Victor Valley College Student Health Center.
  5. Understanding the importance of peer encouragement and knowledge in academic achievement, the ASB requests the Office of Instruction expand tutoring services beyond English and math to include the social, natural, and physical sciences.
  6. The ASB Council will improve the ASB computer lab by updating computer equipment and software.
  7. To foster our diverse student population, the ASB Council encourages the Office of Instruction to further expand degree and certificate programs including but not limited to:
    • Chemistry
    • American Sign Language Certificate
    • Political Science
  8. The ASB will advocate lowering the Independent Age requirement from 24 to 21 to increase access to federal financial aid.
  9. To improve the security and safety of our campus community, the ASB requests the Superintendent/President allocate the resources necessary for Campus Police to provide a more visible presence during evening hours.
  10. Considering our current crisis, the ASB demands honest answers and absolute transparency from the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees and Administration. 
  11. The ASB requests the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Learning partner with community organizations to increase internships to promote student professionalism and career development.
  12. Recognizing new matriculation standards set by the Student Success Act, the ASB advocates the provision of expedited processes to meet our growing need for counseling services.
  13. The ASB will expand food options on campus to include more healthful and diverse alternatives.
  14. The ASB requests a comprehensive review of the drop/add dates and their affect on timely matriculation.
  15. The ASB Council will continue to work with Victor Valley Transit Authority to improve bus service and mobility options for students.