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Associated Student Body Goals

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Each year our student council members commit themselves to represent student interests at VVC.  This year we worked through a council developed list of 403 goals, then consolidated, paired and wordsmithed them to our final list.  We are proud to announce our fourteen Goals & Objectives for 2018-2019 which we feel will enhance the “Caring” Student Experience at Victor Valley College.

Through the support of VVC faculty, staff, administration, and board members, past Associated Student Body Councils have achieved many goals and paved the way for the current council to continue on a road to success.

While completion of our personal educational goals are of primary concern, we desire to maintain, foster and further a stronger sense of pride in the cultural, political, and academic achievements of the VVC Community.

The 2018-2019 V.V.C. Associated Student Body’s road map follows fourteen major goals and objectives.

  1. The Associated Student Body council urges the Dean of Student Equity to allocate funds and tutoring materials for a science success center.


  1. ASB requests the support of the President’s cabinet as students work with the facilities committee to identify locations and funding for outdoor seating.


  1. ASB request reform of parking regulations & enforcement.


  1. The Associated Student Body Council will work with on – and – off – campus vendors to provide varied food options.


  1. The ASB Council urges that facilities be further enhanced to support those with disabilities.


  1. Understanding that good health is vital to student success, the Associated Student Body Council will gather the necessary data to re – establish Student Health Center.


  1. The ASB will coordinate with the Administration, campus, groups, organizations and clubs, to improve and standardize the dissemination of information and improve communication.


  1. The ASB recognize the immediate demand for campus wide high speed and reliable internet and insist that the Chief Information Officer prioritize installing additional wireless access points sufficient to meet the needs of the student population.


  1. The ASB requests that the administration ensure that all students are completely informed of their rights and responsibilities thru the student handbook, catalog, orientation process and online.


  1. To increase student involvement and enrich the college experience, the ASB Council will host events that promote campus pride, celebrate diversity and unites the Victor Valley College community.


  1. Recognizing that the mental health of students directly affects all aspects of educational progress, the ASB Council requests that mental health services be readily available to the student body.


  1. To simplify the registration process and compete for enrollment with other colleges, ASB Council advocates that the school hold summer and fall registrations at the same time as is done for winter and spring.


  1. The VVC ASB requests the President's Cabinet and Facilities Committee to allocate space for a student lounge as well as provide more seating in the SAC and charging stations throughout campus.


  1. To enhance the school’s beauty, overall enjoyment and school spirit, the ASB Council will encourage:
    • Display of student artwork,
    • Ram themed decorations,
    • The addition of garden areas,
    • The promotion of campus clean up days.



Last Updated 7/31/18