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The Campus Police Department : Your Community Policing Agency

Campus Law Enforcement Information

Campus safety and security is coordinated by the Campus Police Department, located on lower campus in building 80 room 11. The department has approximately eleven sworn officers with full arrest powers, as well as non-sworn support employees. Our police officers are graduates of the California Peace Officers Standards Training Academy and undergo continued training to upgrade their skills. All officers have been trained in first aid and are authorized to enforce all regulations on the campus. In some instances police powers extend statewide. Campus Police officers are armed with firearms. They conduct foot, vehicular and bicycle patrols on campus, 24 hours a day.

We enjoy a good working relationship with all neighboring police agencies. College Police
officers work very closely with the Victorville Police Department and agencies near our campus
to assist them with incidents involving campus community members that may occur off campus.

Please promptly report all criminal incidents and medical emergencies to us. Potential criminal actions and any emergency on campus, including medical emergencies, should be reported directly to the Campus Police Department by dialing 760/245-4271, extension 2555; from campus phones, dial 2555, or dial 9-1-1. There are 5 emergency phones on campus and an officer can be contacted by pushing the button on the emergency phone. Officers are dispatched immediately to the site of the complaint and have the authority to make arrests if necessary.


Last Updated 8/19/16