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Risk Reduction & Primary Prevention | TIPS

  • Walk with friends or with others to and from classes.  Contact the College Police for an escort at (760) 245-4271, ext. 2555

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Do not focus/text on your cell phone while walking

  • Have your car keys ready. Do not focus your attention on searching through your purse/backpack. Check your backseat before entering your vehicle

  • Do not get into person(s) vehicles who may offer you a ride back to your vehicle to take your parking space. Do not pick up person(s) to give them a ride back to their parking space

  • During the early stages of dating, consider dating with a group of those you know. Go with a friend and be responsible for each other. Have a pre-planned signal to let your friend know that you want to leave or need help

  • When dating, consider letting a friend know who you are dating, where you are going, and what time you plan to return

  • Communicate clearly and often to your partner

  • Control your alcohol; don’t let it control you. Drink responsibly or not at all. Do not abuse substances that might hinder your ability to think clearly or act quickly

  • Be willing and able to say “No”  

  • It’s never too late to say “No”

  • Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to say “No” or ask someone to stop  

  • Verbalize your expectations with your date. Talk about boundaries  

  • Trust your instincts. Guard your personal space. If someone makes you uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation

  • Emergency phones are located throughout the campus and parking lots for you to access Campus Safety immediately should you need assistance with any emergency occurrence



Last Updated 8/19/16