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Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Internships provide a great way for you to obtain practical work experience in your chosen major or career. Generally, internships are short-term, paid or unpaid, and are a great way to get your "foot in the door" within an organization which can potentially lead to a full-time career opportunity. Whether paid or unpaid, internships are a valuable tool to jump-start your career and are great resume builders. Students with internship experiences often have a competitive edge when job searching. Apply for an internship today.

You must apply directly with the organization/company. If you are interested in receiving college credit for your internship experience, please contact the VVC Cooperative Work Experience (Co-Op) program.

  • The White House Internship Program
    Helps to strengthen your knowledge of the Executive office, prepares students for public service, and helps build leadership skills.
    Click on website for application deadlines.

  • The Washington Center
    Open to all majors. College credit available.
    Click on website for application deadlines.

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Internship Programs
    Open to students majoring in science, agriculture, business, engineering, computer or geographic information systems, nutrition, animal science, biotechnology, economics, criminal justice, and more.
    Application deadlines vary. Click on website for application deadlines.

More internship sites for all majors:



Last Updated 2/20/18