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Center for Institutional Excellence

Mission Statement:

The Center for Institutional Excellence is to promote excellence in student learning, educational practices and quality of services by establishing and maintaining a campus culture of self-evaluation and improvement at all levels of the institution.

Our primary role is to provide guidance and support for all academic and non-academic programs on campus in assessing change and enhancing best educational practices through assessments and program review.

In order to better understand the needs of the students, the faculty, staff and administration have implemented comprehensive methods of assessment. The data collection process is used to better understand our strengths and areas for improvement as an institution and to provide methods to improve student success.


Assess-Review and Discuss-Plan for change-Implement change



Nuventive Case Studies: 


Upcoming Webinars/Events:

 Nuventive TracDat

Continuously Improve with Effective Planning & Outcomes Assessment

In this webinar, we will explore how Nuventive TracDat can support institution-wide efforts to improve academic outcomes assessment and accreditation. We understand that individuals have different levels of involvement in the academic outcomes assessment planning process. We will show you how the solution can be configured to manage these different roles, while also making it easy and meaningful. We will explore three roles: faculty, coordinator, and dean. This way, you can see how each individual can contribute to improvement efforts with minimal training. You will also see how academic outcomes assessment plans align with a program’s review or self-study process. With program review data and outcomes assessment information in the same place, you will be able to increase faculty and staff engagement and save time.

How Can You Achieve Institutional Goals and Unite Your Institution Using Valuable Data?

Institutions, like yours, have valuable data and reports, but how are you using those to drive improvement? And, how do you know your efforts are working? In this webinar, we will explore how the Nuventive Improvement Platform can support institution-wide efforts to manage strategic plans and insure institutional goals are achieved. You already have data, but why should people care about it? With our platform, units will see their data in relationship to their goals and objectives. This way, everyone can track what is working, what is not, and what efforts each unit is taking to drive improvement. You will see how we are helping to unify institutions with consistent data. This webinar, will focus on an institutional initiative, explore how plans are created and reported on, track progress towards goals, and most importantly, show how each unit’s actions are driving institutional effectiveness and efficiency.


Upcoming SLO Assessment Trainings for 2017 Spring

Welcome to Spring Term! Assessment-themed activities will continue through the Spring semester. Here are some of the activities I’ve slated. Dates, times and locations will be out soon. I hope to see you at some of these events! If you have topic suggestions for other workshops let me know!

  •  "The Rubric Roundup"
  • What is a rubric? Does every SLO need a Rubric?  How do you know if there is a rubric?  Do all instructors have to use the rubric? Do any of these questions resonate with you? This workshop will address all things rubric for assessment. Please join us and bring your rubrics if you have them.
  • "What do You Mean"

    What does all of this assessment data mean and what do I do with it?

    Assessment data has a purpose! ACCJC requires that resource allocations be based on data-driven decisions. This workshop will help you turn your assessment data collection into a lean, mean, planning and augmentation machine!  Learn what other uses your assessment data has as well. Please join us and bring your assessment results.

  • "Stepping Up"

    This workshop will focus on the Program Level Assessment. Learn about developing, implementing, analyzing and program planning with PLOs. There are a few accrediting requirements for PLOs…..and did you know that the VVC Academic Senate has a definition of a program for PLO level assessment? Please join us and bring your PLOs, and PLO assessment results if you have them.

  • “Newbies”

    This session is specifically designed to orient new faculty, full and part-time, to instructional student learning outcomes assessment at Victor Valley College. The “Why, who, what, where and when” of assessment practice will be demonstrated in this 1.5 hour interactive session. If you are new to assessment practice, or are familiar with assessment practice, but new to VVC, please join us!

Upcoming TracDat Report Trainings for 2017 Spring

  • TBA






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