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Student Learning Outcomes | Office of Instruction

  • Welcome to the Student Learning Outcome webpage.

This webpage was developed to support individuals and departments as a one-stop resource for templates and submission. 

Student Learning Outcomes are simply an answer to the question, What do you want your students to be able to do at the end of your course? The question is phrased that way because SLOs require assessment, which is meant to provide accountability.  SLOs are written into the Course Outline and then samples of assessments for the SLOs are written as well.

Spring 2015 Courses Offered and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO):

Select a discipline in the drop down to view current SLO for the 2015 Spring term. If you don't see your discipline in the drop-down below, please check back, as we are adding to the list.

Winter 2015 Courses Offered and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO):

Select a discipline in the drop down to view current SLO for the 2015 Winter term.

Fall 2014 Courses Offered and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO):

Select a discipline in the drop down to view current SLO for the 2014 Fall term.

SLO Assessment Action Plan (Calendar)

Assessment is expected to be done for SLOs on an ongoing basis and is meant to be recorded in some way for research and record keeping. Accreditation agencies may ask for verification of SLOs and assessment at any time. In any given semester, it is possible to assess SLOs one at a time or several at a time. As long as all SLOs are tested within a given time period.  The SLO Assessment Action Plan identifies when a course SLO will be assessed twice within a three year cycle. All SLO Assessments Action Plan (Calendars) are updated by the department as courses are updated in CurricUNET.

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Documents:

An SLO Assessment Form describing the process, essentially an assessment of the assessment, is also expected. Once assessment for SLOs is done, the instructor(s) evaluates the effectiveness of the SLOs and the assessment of them. From the information taken by the assessment, the instructor can revise the SLOs or can revise the assessment tools to better accurately measure student accomplishment in the future. When finished with assessment, the instructor writes an Assessment Report detailing the assessment of the students' accomplishments, evaluating the SLOs and assessments, and providing suggestions for improving effectiveness. The process is ongoing, continually reviewing assessment and the SLOs, all in the hopes of improving instruction and learning.

  • DOWNLOAD : SLO Assessment Template (DOCX)

    • How to save a documents that are labeled in a manner that one doesn't assume the discipline name, courses number, term nor content. 
      • EXAMPLE #1: ALDH125-2014FA-ASSESSMENT-FORM.docx
      • EXAMPLE #2: ALDH125-2014FA-RUBRIC.docx   
      • EXAMPLE #3: ALDH125-2014FA-SAMPLE.docx

Select a discipline in the drop down to upload your SLO Assessment documents (requires login to SharePoint).


2014-15 SLO Coordinators:

Click on the name of the division for which you want to view contact information.

HASS Division

HASS Division SLO Coordinator:  David Gibbs    

Contact information: or Ext. 2446

SLO Coordinator Office Hours: 

Days:  T/TH & W

Time:  3:30-5:00 P.M. & 11:00 A.M. -12:00 P.M.

Where: Building 30- Office of Instruction Conference Room

HSPSIT Division

HSPS Division SLO Coordinator: John Sweet
Resources:  HSPS 2014FA MTG CFIE MINUTES            

Contact information: or  Ext. 2426

SLO Coordinator Office Hours: 

Days:  M/W

Time: 1:00 P.M.- 5:00P.M.

Where:  Lower Campus;  Building 64- Office 3

STEM Division

 STEM Division SLO Coordinator:  Lisa Harvey    

Contact information:  or Ext. 2658

SLO Coordinator Office Hours: 




Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Resources: