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Student Enrollment Process for Cooperative Education


Students enrolling in a Cooperative Education course must complete the following steps:


STEP 1:  Enroll in a Cooperative Education course in the discipline related to your job or internship.  Available disciplines can be found on the Courses & Majors page.  All Cooperative Education courses end in the course number -138 (i.e. AUTO 138, BADM 138, NURS 138, etc.).


STEP 2:  Complete the Student Info. Sheet and Student Contract, found on the Enrollment Forms page, and submit to the Cooperative Education office (Bldg. 42, Room D) or email to the Cooperative Education staff at as soon as you are enrolled.


STEP 3:  Request an intake appointment with the Cooperative Education office at or (760) 245-4271, ext. 2281.


STEP 4:  Receive your course materials from the Cooperative Education staff at your intake appointment.


STEP 5:  Adhere to all deadlines found on your course syllabus, which you will receive at your intake appointment, or can be found on the Course Materials page. 



Last Updated 7/6/17