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Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a college class which offers "YOU" an opportunity to complete your elective credits for graduation through new and improved learning experiences at your worksite. Up to 16 units are accepted for transfer to Cal State Universities (CSU) and may be accepted at other universities. Imagine!! Your worksite can become a training site! You can help yourself and your employer too!!

Co-op gives you an opportunity to document the on-going training that occurs at "YOUR" job site each day!! How? Enroll in Cooperative Work Experience Today!! You can then validate your on-the-job training through education, and thereby enhance both your education and your opportunities for professional growth at your work place. All this and college elective credit too!! Students have no classroom time. The only class you are required to attend is a Co-op Orientation. After that, your job site becomes your classroom.

  • College credit.
  • An earned income.
  • Career guidance in a realistic setting.
  • An opportunity to apply classroom learning on the job.
  • Networking and job contacts.
  • An opportunity to recognize changing job conditions and job prospects.
  • A chance to learn what you can do well and what you enjoy doing.
  • An opportunity to experience socialization in the work place.
  • Challenges and rewards.
  • Transferable college units (Cal State Universities (CSU) and some private schools).

Ask us about our 16-week, 12-week, and 8-week classes. We also offer an 8-week summer class.

  • Check with the Co-op Office prior to RamTalk, Online, or Walk-in Registration if you have questions regarding Co-op enrollment. The Co-op Office is located in the Academic Commons and is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12 noon, 1:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. Contact us at (760) 245-4271, ext 2281 or E-mail:
  • Enroll in the 16-week Co-op class through RamTalk, Online or Walk-in Registration. Locate section numbers in the current class schedule under each major.
  • Students who are enrolling in 12-week or 8-week Co-op classes will need to obtain an add card from the Co-op Ed office.
  • Purchase the Cooperative Education Notebook ($17.00 plus tax) at the Rams Bookstore and read the Student Handbook prior to orientation.
  • Go to the Co-op Office located in the Academic Commons and complete the current semester paperwork for the Co-op class.
  • Only "First Semester" Co-op students need to attend "ONE" scheduled Co-op orientation class when the semester begins. The orientation schedule is listed in the class schedule under "Cooperative Education".
  • If you miss the Co-op orientation(s), you need to come in to the Co-op Office "ASAP" and make arrangements to view a one-hour orientation video. It is also available at the Library Reserve Desk during their regularly scheduled fall/spring hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-9:00p.m., Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., and Saturday, 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m..
  • After viewing the Co-op orientation video and the time management film, please return to the Co-op Office in the Academic Commons, to fill out the pink message form with the key words from the video.
  • If you are a "returning" Co-op student and have previously attended a Co-op orientation class, you do not have to attend another orientation. Instead, please contact our office for the new class instructions prior to start of class. You need to pick-up and complete "NEW" current semester paperwork ( i.e., Co-op Information Sheet, Co-op time sheets,and dates-to-remember, etc.).
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