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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can get a D S P S application on-line?

  • No, you will need to come to the ACCESS Office on-campus to apply for the program.

What about Interpreters?

  • Come into the D S P S office to arrange for interpreter service for your classes.


  • Call the D S P S office at 760-245-4271x2358 using call relay to arrange for service.
    • Due to the limited number of educational interpreters in the High Desert, to assure services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, a D S P S counselor will adjust your schedule to fit with interpreter services.

What are some of the services available through D S P S?

  • Examples of services available through D S P S that are over and above those regularly offered by the college would be test-taking facilitation, assessment for learning disabilities, specialized counseling, interpreter services for hearing-impaired or deaf students, mobility assistance, note taker services, reader services, limited alternate media services, specialized tutoring, access to adaptive equipment, registration assistance and specialized instruction. See "ACCESS Student Handbook" for more information.  ACCESS Student-Handbook.doc


Last Updated 11/27/17