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Advanced Technology Center Project

Artist's rendering of the new Advanced Technology Center

ATC time lapse movieATC (bridge view) time lapse movie

April 28, 2008

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First Concrete being poured. First pipe in the ground. Curb removal. Second Electrical Bank. 50% of Basement Pad Start Demolition. New Water Line. Existing PVC. Free Firewood. Building Sewer Lines Duct bank showing separation. Gas and Water to the Music Building. In-fill of lake for bridge footings. New hydrant and backflow. Point of connection for irrigation and fire. Pull of NEW Power feeder cable. Slurry encasement. Start of electrical duct bank. Storm drain between ATB and Music Building. Upgraded electrical encasement Water line feeding irrigation backflow. June 1, 2006 - #1. June 1, 2006 - #2. June 5, 2006. June 14, 2006. June 24, 2006.
Photos (December 2006)
December 2006. December 2006. December 2006. December 2006. December 2006. December 2006. December 2006. December 2006.
Project Description

Construction on this project was completed in early 2008.  The 46,620 square foot Advanced Technology Center is the hub of computer related training activities. This new High Tech center houses 20 multi-purpose computer laboratories equipped with state of the art smart classroom technology capable of instruction in a wide variety of disciplines. Students are able to access the Web, process documents, design buildings, create animated movies, learn basic computer programs, and much more.

The main feature of the Advanced Technology Center is a computer mall that runs the full length of the building. This open mall area has the capabilities of individual group instruction and is equipped with laptop docking stations and wireless service. Also, included in this project is a bridge that spans the campus lake and ties into the area of the Performing Arts Center, allowing improved student access with complete ADA accessibility.