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Roadway and Parking Lots - Summer Construction

August 8, 2011 - Roadway Construction Progress

This is the latest update on the roadway and parking lot replacement project.

• Parking lots 1, 2, & 3 (located in front Allied Heath, Science and Art) have been completed.

• Jacaranda Road, from the softball field around to the Technology Center (Bldg. 21), will be striped and completed tomorrow (8/9/11).

• You will be able to travel the completed portions of the streets and use the parking lots beginning Wednesday the 10th.

• Work continues on the Main Entrance, and it is scheduled for paving, and should be completed by next Monday the 15th.

• Work will begin on Francesca and the remaining portion of West Campus Drive on Wednesday the 10th. This will mean that anyone entering the campus from Spring Valley Parkway will have to go past Francesca to the next right hand turn (by the CDC). You will be able to turn right onto the campus then use the new access road to transition over to the completed parking lots.

• We are having some soils issues down at the Maintenance parking lot, but should have this resolved soon and will be able to complete the paving work prior to the beginning of the Fall term.

Many people have asked about the slurry seal that was placed down on parking lots 14 & 16 (lower campus). The seal is a highway seal which is a mixture of seal and sand for a longer lasting surface and it is supposed to look the way it does. It was applied correctly and is performing as intended.

July 27, 2011 - Campus-Wide Roadway and Parking Lot Replacement Update

As the Campus-Wide Roadway project continues you will notice that as of this morning, paving began at parking lots 1-3 (in front of Allied Health, Science, Art) and we anticipate completion of these lots, including striping by next Monday, Aug. 1.

Work is also progressing on the parking lot being added next to parking lot 12 (in front of Excelsior and CDC), as well as the North/South access road and West Campus Drive, which will be paved by this Friday.  These roads must be completed before work can begin on Francesca as this road will need to be completely closed in the following weeks, and the newly paved access roads will have to be used to access the campus off of Spring Valley Parkway.  

Paving of Jacaranda and the completion of the main entrance at Jacaranda will begin next week and continue until completed, with an anticipated completion date of August 8.

The maintenance yard is scheduled to be paved on August 8.  Parking lots 14 and 16 (lower campus) have been seal coated, striped and are now complete. 


After August 8, the main focus of the work will be on Francesca Road, from Spring Valley Parkway to Jacaranda.  During this work traffic will be diverted off of Spring Valley Parkway onto campus by using the access road to the North by CDC.  This will keep all traffic off of Francesca until the work is completed in late August. 

Once Jacaranda Road and parking lots 1-3 are complete , it will be easier to access the interior of the campus from Spring Valley Parkway through parking lot 10 and travel between the Administration buildings#10 and the Admin Annex building 10A until Francesca is re-opened.

Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions, and as always, thank you for your patience during construction.

July 19, 2011 - Roadway Construction Progress

 As you can see, the road work is in full swing.

  • Parking lots 1,2 & 3 are being graded and readied for asphalt placement.
  • Jacaranda Road, from the entrance all the way around to the softball field on Fish Hatchery Road, is being graded, rolled and readied for asphalt placement.
  • New electrical conduits for future infrastructure expansions have been installed across parking lots and all ground boxes have been put in place.
  • The new parking lot next to Lot 12 (in front of the CDC) has new light ballasts installed and the lot will be poured soon.
  • Parking lots 14 & 16 (lower campus) have had crack repair and will be seal coated this weekend.
  • The new North access road (North side of Parking lot 12 that will connect Jacaranda Road and Spring Valley Parkway) will be completed soon.
  • Asphalt placement for all areas will begin next Tuesday the 26th and run for approximately 10 days. As soon as the asphalt is placed, new striping and crosswalks will be installed.
  • The work on Francesca Road and West Campus Drive will start as soon as the paving and striping are completed on Jacaranda Road, and these roads will be completed before the start of the fall semester on the 29th of August.

We understand that travel from one side of campus to the other requires getting out onto Bear Valley Road, and that this has been an inconvenience for many. However we are very happy to report that the work is on schedule and we truly appreciate your patience during a time when nearly the entire campus is affected by construction.

June 29, 2011

Hello Campus Community,

The Facilities Construction Department would like to remind you that over the Summer 2011 Term, beginning July 5th, 2011 and running through approximately August 29th, 2011, the Measure JJ Bond funded project, Campus-Wide Roadway and Parking Lot Replacement will be underway.

The main entrance to the campus at Jacaranda and Bear Valley Road is closed.  Staff, students and the community will need to access the campus by using Fish Hatchery Road or Spring Valley Parkway.  In order to move from the upper campus to the lower campus, you will have to exit the campus and re-enter at either of the access points listed above. 

If you are planning on attending any event in the Performing Arts Center, you will need to enter at Fish Hatchery Road and drive up East Campus Drive to parking lots 5 - 9, which will all be open.

Students are encouraged to park in lots 10, 11 & 12, all located to the West, across Jacaranda from the Main campus.  The northerly most entrance to parking lot 1 located by the Allied Health building is open to faculty and staff, who are allowed to drive through lot 1 to access available parking behind the Library.  This lot is only for faculty and staff parking.

Most of the roadway and parking lot work is taking place on the Westerly half of the campus.  Everything from parking lot 5 and the Counseling/Administration building (#55), around to the Student Activities Center (#44), along with most of the lower campus will not be under construction.

Local contractor Cooley Construction will do their best to maintain traffic circulation around the campus. 

Please be extra cautious in your travels around the campus this summer.  Please follow all signage and signalmen.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steve Garcia or Michelle Messer in the Facilities Construction Department at extensions 2250 or 2199.

As always, we appreciate your patience during construction!