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Program Review | Academic Senate

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Program Review (PR) at Victor Valley College is a self assessment by its programs used to promote institutional effectiveness and provide the basis for budget and resource planning and allocation. It is a systematic process for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of Program Review Elements (PREs) to produce the Program Review, Allocation, and Institutional Strategies for Excellence ( PRAISE) report and the Annual Update(s). It is an instrument for identifying areas of change within its programs, and it is conducted to promote the effectiveness and relevance of instruction and the effective use of resources. These assessments are integral to the alignment of the programs’ goals with the mission of the college for college-wide planning. The VVC Program Review Handbook outlines the process to be used for both instructional and non-instructional programs at Victor Valley College.

Definition of an Instructional Program for the Purpose of Program Review

For the purpose of Program Review, an “instructional program” is defined as an organizationally distinct planning and evaluation unit with formally recognized discipline leadership (coordinator, facilitator), which is specified in the Program List, and an identified function, mission, and/or purpose.  A program may consist of a single discipline or a group of related disciplines which share joint leadership and academic purposes.

Definition of an Instructional Program for the Purpose of Program Review

For the purpose of program learning assessment practice and reporting, an “instructional program” is a defined sequence or grouping of courses within a discipline required for the completion of a major, degree, or Chancellor-approved certificate at Victor Valley College.

Definition of Non-Instructional Program

Any department that supports instructional programs as defined by “an instructional program is defined as a discipline and an organized sequence or grouping of courses leading to a defined objective such as a major, degree, certificate, license, the acquisition of selected knowledge or skills, or transfer to another institution of higher education.”

List of Programs and Review Cycle

List of all programs and new program review cycle pdf file

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Program Review Documents

Supportive Documents

  • How to locate Student Success Data- will update once data sets are available

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Program Review Area Representatives

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