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QLess | The Queuing Platform

Victor Valley College is excited to announce Qless, the queuing platform!

Starting September 5th students can now sign into the Qless system, alleviating the need to stand in long physical lines.

  • Join a virtual line
  • Receive wait time updates
  • Manage your spot in line
  • Get notified when it’s your turn

There are several ways to join the Qless system.

Students will receive notifications and text alerts, which will keep you informed about your approximate wait time for you to reach the front of the line.

When prompted, you will be able to come straight to the window assigned.

In addition to the above ways to sign in you may also download the Qless app for either IOS or Android.


Qless Text Commands:

L - Leave the line, use this command when you need to exit a particular line.

S - Status update, use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.

M - More time, use this command to request additional time if you know you won't arrive in time.

H - Help, use this command to get additional assistance with QLess.


Please make sure to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to closing, regardless of estimated Qless wait time. Please understand that during peak times you may need to sign up during a different day if the queue if full.


Last Updated 9/1/17