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Guidance Courses

Guidance & Counseling - "Working together for student success."

Guidance courses are designed to help students achieve success in college. Topics covered include managing stress, improving communication skills, developing confidence, exploring the world of work, identification of values, interests and personal strengths needed for decision making. Below is a list of Guidance courses offered at VVC.


GUID 50: College Success - 1 unit
A survey course designed to enable the student to learn and apply the techniques of effective study and to provide orientation to and familiarity with procedures, services, and common problems encountered by students. It includes a survey of the learning process, time management, the development of the techniques of notetaking, understanding textbooks, techniques for remembering, test taking, preparation for exams, and the use of campus resources. AA degree applicable. 

GUID 51: Orientation to College - 0.5 unit
This class is designed to provide students with a well-rounded knowledge and orientation to the policies, procedures and academic and support services available at Victor Valley College. AA degree applicable.

GUID 55: Building Math Confidence - 1.5 units
This class is a group guidance program designed for those who fear math and/or are unable to deal with math successfully. Emphasis will be on how one approaches math by examining attitudes and dispelling faulty notions which erode confidence in one's ability to do math. AA degree applicable.

GUID 56: Self-Esteem - 1.5 units
A personal development course focusing on the genesis of self-esteem. Introduction will be given on specific ideas and techniques to overcome negative feelings such as loneliness, guilt, depression, and inferiority. Students will develop a personal values system that leads to greater happiness and productivity. AA degree applicable.

GUID 59: Special Issues in Personal Development - 1 unit
Opportunities for an examination of the elements associated with particular issues of personal development and for group interaction on various topics of student concern. AA degree applicable.

GUID 100: Career and Life Planning - 2 units
A group guidance program designed to assist the student in planning career and life goals based on individual needs, interests, and abilities. Emphasis will be career research and decision making. This course transfers as an elective course to the CSU.

GUID 101: First Year Experience - 3 units
This comprehensive course integrates personal growth, academic and career success with problem solving, critical and creative thinking. The course focuses on the following topics: life management, goal setting, career decision making, educational planning, college requirements and expectations, instructor-student interaction, cultural diversity, health maintenance, stress management, campus resources, learning styles, and strategies including lecture note-taking, test taking, and concentration. Effective fall 2011 this course meets the CSU's general education requirement in Area E (Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development) and satisfies elective credit to the UC. (Note: If this course was taken prior to fall 2011, it fulfills CSU elective credit only.)

GUID 105: Personal and Career Success (cross listed as Psych 105) - 3 units
This intensive course is designed to assist students in obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and reach their personal goals and achieve college and career success. Topics covered include: Self-awareness, goal-setting, motivation and discipline, memory development, time management, oral and written communication skills, study skills, diversity, financial planning, and an orientation to college life. This course is transferable to the CSU and UC. Satisfies VVC Associates' degree general education requirement in Area II (Social Science) and CSU 's general education requirement in Area E (Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development).

(Formerly GUID 7) This survey course assists students in assessing attitude, motivation, learning styles, and personality attributes that are necessary to the successful transition into college. Students will integrate this self-awareness with theories and strategies that focus on the attainment of life long success in academic, professional and personal development. Topics include time management, study skills, test preparation, educational goal setting and planning, maintaining a healthy life style. This course transfers as an elective course to the CSU.




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