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Guidance & Counseling Center - "Working together for student success."


A Victor Valley College counselor can provide current information to ensure a smooth transition to four-year colleges. The Transfer Center is designed to provide interaction with four-year institutions for those students who wish to continue their education. Appointments with four-year college representatives are available on a regular basis. Articulation agreements afford students with predetermined course equivalencies.

An extensive collection of multimedia resources including College View, Major/ Minor Finder and The National College Catalog Collection are available for students to plan their transfer curriculum. You can process your computerized application and check out California College catalogs in the center. 

The Transfer Center is located in the Counseling / Administration Building (Bldg. 55). For questions related to transferring to a university, call (760) 245-4271 ext. 2139 or visit the VVC Transfer Center Website

For more information about transferring visit the websites below: has been developed in collaboration with the California State University (CSU), University of California (UC), California Community Colleges (CCC), Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU), and the Department of Education to allow students to obtain information about higher education opportunities in California. The site aims to become the portal for all colleges and universities in the state. It provides virtual campus tours, student-campus matching assistance, information on financial aid, and admissions planners for first-year and transfer students.
The University of California, Office of the President, offers this site for information about UC. It also provides links to each of the nine UC campuses.
This site provides information about CSU system. It provides access to the Chancellor's Office and has information on educational programs, systemwide policies and initiatives, historical and general information, admission requirements and procedures, and news releases. This site also provides access to links for all 23 CSU campuses.
CSUMentor is designed to provide outreach, pre-admission, financial aid, and admission information. CSUMentor represents CSU efforts to provide middle school, high school and community college students, their families and counselors access via the Internet to important information to help them decide which CSU campus meets their academic needs and aspirations. Students have the ability to create a student planner to assist them in satisfying CSU admission requirements, take a virtual campus tour, develop a comparative view of several CSU campuses to determine which institutions offer features or majors for which the student is looking, establish e-mail connections with CSU campus personnel, and apply electronically to their campus of choice.
The ASSIST site lists courses required for various majors at both UC and CSU campuses, and show VVC's equivalent courses. We do not have formal course-to-course equivalency agreements with all schools yet.
This is the official web site of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities. Go here for information on independent schools.


Last Updated 7/26/16