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Payroll Information

Access Payroll Forms Here

  • ABSENCES - Absence reports are required each month and should be submitted to your area administrator after you return from leave.

    • Adjunct faculty - submit absence reports for any missed classes to your dean's office (if paid by timesheet, write in hours & reason on the timesheet and attach your absence report)

    • Classified specials - write in hours and reason on your timesheet and attach absence report.  Generally, pay warrant stubs will reflect the most recent information received by payroll up through the prior pay period.  Please refer to the appropriate bargaining unit agreement or management handbook for details on your leave benefits.

  • AMENITIES - The Amenities Committee includes membership from Management, Faculty, and Classified Staff. The committee provides sympathy cards, get-well cards, and floral arrangements in special circumstances for all employees. The Annual Holiday Party is organized by the committee and is partially funded by donations made to the Amenities/Employee Fund.  Your payroll deduction may be set up for your convenience and are appreciated.  Special note - for permanent employees, online enrollment is available within the EBenefits system.  For adjunct faculty, and others, you may elect a contribution by completing the Foundation donation form available in the Foundation or the payroll office.

  • CREDIT UNIONS - As employees of VVC, you are eligible for credit union accounts.  There are several credit unions in the local area - please refer to the local yellow pages.   SchoolsFirst Federal Employees Credit Union is a partner with VVC for the 403(b)(7) TSA plan and they also have available a variety of services for school district employees.

  • DIRECT DEPOSIT - EFT - Electronic Deposit for pay warrants is available for all employees.   The next pay date following the test cycle should be the electronic deposit date, pending the banking system validation process.   NOTE-verify the deposit to your bank account after EVERY pay date.


    • BESTNET - current and prior pay warrants and W-2 online access.  You may OPT OUT of paper pay stubs, accessing online only

    • EBenefits - online employee benefits management/enrollment-your current plans, dependents, beneficiaries; Open Enrollment

  • EXTRA PAY - Any additional pay earned for overtime or extra assignments for regular employees will be paid on regular pay warrants, pending complete documentation. The service period for this type of pay runs the 16th-15th. Watch for due-date email reminders.

  • FOUNDATION - you may help give opportunities to people with dreams right here at Victor Valley College by supporting the Victor Valley College Foundation with a payroll deduction. Your tax deductible contribution will help to provide scholarships to students who dream of a brighter future, fund educational experiences for students who dream of a bigger world, and provide grants to faculty / staff who dream of a better college. You may designate your gift to support a specific program or make a gift to the Foundation's Annual Fund to support many programs each year.760-245-4271, EXT. 2523/2251.  Note-regular benefits-eligible employees would enroll via the new EBenefits system;  please log in to make your election and designate your contribution.  Others may contact the Foundation directly for the appropriate payroll deduction form. 

  • HOLIDAYS – Holiday Schedule is published annually. Classified and Management, your unused annual floating holiday does not roll into the next fiscal year.  Additional details may be found in the bargaining unit agreement and the management handbook.

    • LEAVES - Classified, Management, Faculty, and Adjunct - click to the left on the appropriate Agreement/Handbook for details on a variety of leaves.  Certain forms may be downloaded from the FORMS page.

      • Long-term medical absence - please contact Human Resources - ext. 2468

      • Catastrophic leave - please contact Human Resources - ext. 2468

      • FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) and CFRA (California Family Rights Act - in general, to be eligible an employee must have been employed for at least 12 months and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding the leave (excluding all paid and unpaid time off, including sick leave, vacation, and holidays. Eligible employees are entitled to 12 work weeks of family leave in any 12-month period, which shall be counted backward from the date family leave is taken. Certifications are required to qualify for FMLA/CFRA leave. Contact Human Resources at ext 2328 for details.

  • PAY WARRANTS - Pay warrants are issued monthly.  Click to the left for the applicable payroll schedule for specific pay dates.  Pay warrants not electronically deposited may be picked up at the Fiscal Services window in Administration Annex Bldg. 10 during normal business hours.

  • Effective January 1, 2017, pay warrants not picked up after the completion of two weeks from payday, will be mailed out the beginning of the third week to the address on record.

    • Certificated contract faculty and certificated management are paid on the 1st, or if holiday, the next available day.  All extra pay is included on regular warrants.

    • Classified and classified management are paid on the last working day of the month.  All extra pay is included on regular warrants.

    • Adjunct, limited-term, and student workers are paid on the 9th of the month, or if holiday, the next available day.  The pay period runs from the 24th through the 23rd of the next month.

    • Final pay warrants - following a resignation or termination of services, the final pay warrant is issued on the next available regularly-scheduled payroll.

  • SDI – As is generally typical of most public school districts in California, employees of Victor Valley College do not participate or contribute to the State of California State Disability Insurance program.

  • SOCIAL SECURITY (OASDI/FICA) & MEDICARE - Only employees who are members of CalPERS contribute to Social Security. STRS-covered AND APPLE (Mid-America alternative retirement system)-covered employees and student workers do not contribute to Social Security. All employees except student workers contribute to Medicare.  The Medicare rate is 1.45% with an unlimited maximum; the Social Security rate is 6.2% with a maximum of $127,200 for 2017.

  • TERMINATION/RESIGNATION - Adjunct and limited-term workers - please provide Human Resources a brief note of resignation if you plan to no longer work at VVC.  You may have retirement funds on deposit and a formal resignation will allow an easier, quicker disbursement from those agencies.

  • TIMESHEETS - Regular classified, academic, and management employees do not submit timesheets (exception-overtime/additional hours).  Certain adjunct faculty, limited/short-term, substitutes, and student workers do submit timesheets.

    • After hiring authorization is complete, blank timesheets are issued either by the payroll office or Financial Aid, depending upon the type of employment.

    • Adjunct instructors are issued timesheets directly by the deans' offices, unless paid by Unit-of-Pay method (periodic equal payments during the term).

    • Late timesheets are processed on the next payroll.  In order to meet the deadline and receive your payments on time, please refer to the payroll processing schedule or your timesheets for deadlines;  courtesy reminder emails are sent out before each deadline.

  • TAX WITHHOLDING (W-4, W-5, & DE4 ) - You may change your withholding anytime; it will take effect on the next available payroll after receipt in the payroll office.   Reminder that Exempt status expires February 15 of each year.   If a new form is not received by the payroll office by that date, your status will revert to Single zero on the next payroll after February 15.

            ADVANCE EITC is no longer available since 2011.

  • TRAINING - Training for access to online benefits and online pay stub/W-2s is available - come to the Payroll & Benefits office.

  • UNION DUES - Regular Faculty and Classified employees are subject to mandatory agency fees.  CTA (California Higher Education) and CSEA, respectively.    Dues for CTA and CSEA are automatically deducted on a 10-month basis.   AFT dues are deducted throughout the entire year.

    • Faculty state & local dues are also mandatory and CTA union representatives may be contacted for information on union issues.

    • CSEA state dues are mandatory and CSEA union representatives may be contacted for information on payroll deduction for local chapter dues or for any information on union issues.

    • Associate faculty union dues are mandatory – please contact the AFT organization at 760-245-4271, ext. 2125 or online at .

  • W-2s - mailed by the end of January each year to the last known address.  W-2s are mailed by an outside vendor so the data is prepared well in advance.  If your address changes, please notify Human Resources in writing around the 10th of January.   Undeliverable W-2s are generally returned to the district payroll office.   A written change of address will be required before a returned W-2 is released.    All employees may register and access the W-2 and pay warrant advice online by clicking the link to "BESTNET" on the left side.


Last Updated 2/6/17