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TimesheetX | Electronic Timesheet System

Updated instructions/ information manual can be accessed here which includes screenshots for easier clarification of this process.


Guide for entering and submitting time sheets onto TimesheetX

  1. Once your employment paperwork is processed, you will be notified by email that your time sheets are ready for you to make entries.
  2. For our first login attempt login using the email address used to apply for your job, and the password will need to be reset. Simply click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link at the bottom of the login page and enter your email address.
  3. The Employees tab will be where you can access your time sheets, simply scroll over that tab and click on the link ‘My Time sheets’.
  4. If you work in multiple departments you will see that each timesheet has their own link to each department so be careful that you choose the correct department for your entries. Click on the link of the department you are trying to submit hours for, and it will bring you to all the timesheets available for your hiring period.
  5. Click on the ‘Go to time sheet’ link for the correct Pay Period you are submitting hours for, and it will bring you to your timesheet.
  6. To begin adding days/hours you will click on the ‘Add New Entry’ link at the bottom of your time sheet. Here you can use the drop down arrows to click on the days worked and the hours. For your start and end times you will put the time you started your day and the time you ended your day. There is no longer a check in and out for break/lunch times. You will just need to put how long your break/lunch was in the ‘Break’ drop down area. Then hit ‘Add’ and your day is added to your timesheet.
  7. SUBSTITUTE WORKERS – You will need to add who you are subbing for in the ‘Notes’ tab which is found under your timesheet. Click on ‘Add Note’ link inside of the Notes tab and indicate the day and who you are subbing for, if it is Vacant just put Vacant. If you are subbing for one person the entire timesheet just put “All days subbed for (name of employee)”.
  8. After all of your entries are made for that pay period, you will click on the ‘Submit time sheet’ link on the far right-hand corner of the timesheet page. It will let you review your entries one last time to verify, and then click ‘Submit Time Sheet’ box at the bottom of your time sheet.
  9. Once your time sheet is submitted you CANNOT go back to adjust hours, unless your supervisor rejects your time sheet due to a problem.


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Last Updated 7/14/16