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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (IER) provides leadership in the planning, organization, direction and administration of:

  • VVC's educational master plan and related plans;

  • accreditation and assessment of institutional effectiveness;

  • data collection, analysis, and reporting;

  • enrollment management;

  • program development; and

  • grant proposal development.


Program Mission:

Aligned with the mission and institutional commitment of Victor Valley College, IER enables the District in its evaluation, planning, and improvement efforts. Focused areas are federal reporting, apportionment reporting, enrollment management, and the certification of data as delivered to Victor Valley College's internal and external stakeholders. See IER Master Plan 2012.


Core competencies:

  • Research, analysis and knowledge management

  • Organizational evaluation and development


Outcome Domains:

  • Customer Service (Are we meeting campus demand for products and services in a relevant, timely manner?)
  • Maintaining Quality (Are products and services of high quality? Are business processes effective and efficient?)


Performance Assessments:

Methods of Assessment

  • Website analytics
  • Customer Survey



Performance Targets

  • Customer service: Increase utilization rate from baseline and mean rating of 5.5 on relevance to customer need
  • Maintaining quality: (1) Mean rating of 5.5 on items related to quality, effectiveness, and efficiency; (2) increased user activity in terms of page views, time spent, and reduced bounce rates.

Customer Service Assessed

  • 75% increase in #Sessions
  • 39% increase in #Users (with an even split of new and returning visitors)
  • 92% increase in #Pageviews
  • 9% increase in #Pages/Session
  • 15% increase in Average Session Duration
  • 6% decrease in Bounce Pass Rates
  • 9% decrease in Exit Rates
  • Overall, site pages posted a reduction in user activity, half the number of sessions, 207 fewer users, 42% of page views, and users are spending 23 seconds less time on the site compared to the previous Fall. Bounce rates in Fall 2014 were lower than Fall 2013 (73% v. 76%, and 90% of all sessions are new (compared to 48% in Fall 2013). This indicates there are new users (first time visitors) to the site. (Source, Google Analytics; charts attached).


Maintaining Quality Assessed

  • Mean rating of USEFULNESS of web pages is 5.4
  • Mean rating of USER FRIENDLINESS of WEB PAGES is 5.2, with heavy users disagreeing
  • Mean rating of USER FRIENDLINESS of PROGRAM REVIEW DATA by heavy users is X.XX
  • Mean rating of USER FRIENDLINESS of IRPOOL 5.3
  • Mean rating of HELPFULNESS is 6.1
  • Mean rating of IER TRAINING provided to users is 6.3
  • Mean rating of INTENTION to use IER services in the future is 6.4
  • Mean rating of RECOMMENDATION-WORTHINESS is 6.3
  • Mean rating of POSITIVE CAMPUS IMPACT of IER is 6.1
  • Mean rating of OVERALL QUALITY is 6.3
  • Fewer users on fewer pages spending less time than last year


Action for Improvement

Customer Service

  • Re-deploy user survey to include emphasis on reporting requirements
  • Align training sessions to user demand

Maintaining Quality Assessed

  • Update website to meet demands as found on user survey
  • Explore business intelligence solutions to better suit user needs
  • In collaboration with MIS design and deploy work system for DSS maintenance and development



Virginia Moran
Executive Dean
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2414


Institutional Research Coordinator
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2648


Audrey Vaughn
Administrative Secretary II
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2432


Jennifer Larriva
Research Analyst
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2477


Donna Derryberry
Research Analyst - RAMP Up Grant
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2529






Last Updated 12/7/16