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Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IIIA

Human Resources


Item IIIA-1. Board Policy 7120, Recruitment and Selection
Item IIIA-2. Administrative Procedure 7120, Recruitment and Hiring Procedures
Item IIIA-3. College Council Minutes, March 4, 2009
Item IIIA-4. Board Policy 2431, Superintendent/President Selection
Item IIIA-5. Full-time Faculty Hiring Procedures Agreement
Item IIIA-6. Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators
Item IIIA-7. Faculty Minimum Qualifications under Equivalency Process
Item IIIA-8. VVC Academic Senate Meeting Minutes: March 4, 2010
Item IIIA-9. Fair Employment Representatives Procedure and Script
Item IIIA-10. Classified evaluations (contract and form)
Item IIIA-11. Faculty evaluations (contract and forms)
Item IIIA-12. Part-time faculty evaluations (contract and forms)
Item IIIA-13. Management/supervisor evaluation process
Item IIIA-14. Confidential employee evaluation process
Item IIIA-15. Board of Trustees Minutes, May 28, 2008
Item IIIA-16. Board of Trustees Minutes, September 22, 2008
Item IIIA-17. Board of Trustees Minutes, June 10, 2008
Item IIIA-18. Full-time faculty evaluation process
Item IIIA-19. Part-time faculty evaluation process
Item IIIA-20. AFT Evaluation Pilot Program
Item IIIA-21. Board of Trustees Minutes, January 11, 2005: 7.1, Second Reading, Proposed Board Policy No. 7103, Ethics Statement for Employees
Item IIIA-22. Fall 2009 Full-time Faculty Obligation Compliance by District
Item IIIA-23. Job description/agenda item: Help Desk Technician; Lead Systems Programmer/Analyst, Director of Management Information Systems, and Executive Dean of Technology and Information Systems
Item IIIA-24. Dean of Student Services job posting
Item IIIA-25. Consultant search for Superintendent/President workshop
Item IIIA-26. Job description/agenda item: Risk Manager
Item IIIA-27. Job description/agenda item: Human Resources Specialist
Item IIIA-28. Job description/agenda item: Human Resources Compliance Coordinator
Item IIIA-29. Internal announcement for faculty position
Item IIIA-30. Hiring prioritization for full-time faculty, Memo 4/16/09 and June 4, 2009, Academic Senate Minutes, 2.2: Faculty Hiring Cancelled
Item IIIA-31. Counselor, CalWORKS and Gear Up Program Counselor/Academic Advisor Job Postings
Item IIIA-32. Number of course sections for Fall 2008, Fall 2009, and Fall 2010
Item IIIA-33. List of positions filled in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010
Item IIIA-34. Management Handbook
Item IIIA-35. (Item # not used in published self study report)
Item IIIA-36. Fair Employment Representative List
Item IIIA-37. Selection Committee Confidentiality Statement
Item IIIA-38. Classified and management reference checklist
Item IIIA-39. Collective bargaining agreements: CSEA, CCA, AFT
Item IIIA-40. Board Policy 7100, Commitment to Diversity
Item IIIA-41. Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
Item IIIA-42. Culture Craze Flyer May 14, 2009, and May 5, 2010
Item IIIA-43. Culture Diversity Training Workshop Announcement
Item IIIA-44. Museum of Tolerance Trip Announcement
Item IIIA-45. Black History Month and Cinco de Mayo Celebration Announcements
Item IIIA-46. Fair Employment Representative Training Announcement and Sign-in Sheet
Item IIIA-47. LawRoom Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors
Item IIIA-48. Staff Diversity Workshop Survey, May 2009
Item IIIA-49. Staff Diversity Committee Minutes, October 16 and November 20, 2009
Item IIIA-50. Applicant Pool Ethnicity Statistics
Item IIIA-51. Student Diversity, Fall 2009
Item IIIA-52. Staff Development Funding Email Announcements
Item IIIA-53. Upward Mobility Procedures/Forms
Item IIIA-54. Staff Development Survey
Item IIIA-55. Staff Development Travel Reimbursement Record, 2008—2010
Item IIIA-56. P.R.A.I.S.E. Report, Human Resources Office
Item IIIA-57. 2008-2009 Recruitments
Item IIIA-58. Cultural Diversity Training for Campus Police Officers
Item IIIA-59. Campus Climate Survey 2010
Item IIIA-60. FRISK Announcement
Item IIIA-61. Campus Climate Survey 2010
Item IIIA-62. Management Training Task Group