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Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IIIB

Physical Resources


Item IIIB-1. Keenan and Associates, Annual Safety Inspection
Item IIIB-2. Keenan and Associates, Appraisal Report
Item IIIB-3. City of Victorville, Annual Fire and Access Inspection
Item IIIB-4. Environmental Health and Safety Committee
Item IIIB-5. Facilities Committee
Item IIIB-6. OPRA Work Order System
Item IIIB-7. Educational Master Plan
Item IIIB-8. Institutional Effectiveness Committee Agenda and Minutes
Item IIIB-9. Technology Committee
Item IIIB-10. California Community Colleges Facility Utilization Space Inventory Option Net (FUSION)
Item IIIB-11. Live Time Work Order System
Item IIIB-12. Uniform Building Code & Local Agencies Planning and Inspection
Item IIIB-13. VVCCD Annual Report, 2009 (See page 11 pertaining to growth)
Item IIIB-14. Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 8, Subchapter 1, Section 57028
Item IIIB-15. California Code of Regulations
Item IIIB-16. Facilities Master Plan
Item IIIB-17. Associated Student Body Goals and Objectives, 2010
Item IIIB-18. Maintenance and Operations Staffing Comparison Self Study
Item IIIB-19. Five-Year Capital Outlay Construction Plan
Item IIIB-20. Workforce Development Center
Item IIIB-21. Public Safety Training Center
Item IIIB-22. Bond Measure JJ
Item IIIB-23. Room Use Analysis
Item IIIB-24. Americans with Disabilities Act
Item IIIB-25. Division of the State Architect
Item IIIB-26. Five-Year Scheduled Maintenance Plan
Item IIIB-27. APxxxx, Implementing Remodels (draft)
Item IIIB-28. Facilities Renovation-Remodel Request Form
Item IIIB-29. Title 24 of California Code of Regulations
Item IIIB-30. Advanced Technology Center
Item IIIB-31. Performing Arts Center
Item IIIB-32. Adapted Physical Education Center
Item IIIB-33. Energy and Environment Projects
Item IIIB-34. Downtown Education Center
Item IIIB-35. Campus Climate Survey 2010 (Facilities-related Findings)
Item IIIB-36. Finance, Budget and Planning Committee