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Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IIID

Financial Resources


Item IIID-1. Board Policy 1200, District Vision, Values, Mission and Goals
Item IIID-2. Administrative Procedure 1201, Shared Governance Structure and Responsibilities
Item IIID-3. Finance/Budget and Planning Committee Minutes
Item IIID-4. VVC 2010-11 Budget Calendar
Item IIID-5. Report on Audit (most recent)
Item IIID-6. VVC Budget Documents
Item IIID-7. Snowhite Training Documents
Item IIID-8. Board Resolution to Certify Bond Measure JJ (Item 7.4)
Item IIID-9. Measure JJ Website
Item IIID-10. Educational Master Plan
Item IIID-11. Educational Space Quantification and Facilities Master Plan
Item IIID-12. Administrative Procedure 1202, Implementing Institutional Effectiveness
Item IIID-13. Academic Senate Minutes
Item IIID-14. P.R.A.I.S.E. Website
Item IIID-15. Educational Master Plan
Item IIID-16. VVC Expenditure Trends Report
Item IIID-17. Victor Valley College Foundation Website
Item IIID-18. VVC Budget Binder
Item IIID-19. VVC Budget Updates (most recent)
Item IIID-20. Budget Assumptions 2010-2011 (not referenced in Self Study Report; provided for information)
Item IIID-21. Guaranteed Investment Contract Handout from February 17, 2010
Item IIID-22. Cash Flow Analyses
Item IIID-23. VVC Board Policies Website
Item IIID-24. Administrative Procedure 3250, Institutional Planning Systems
Item IIID-25. 2008-09 VVC Budget Showing $500,000 Transaction (incorrect year referenced in published self study report)
Item IIID-26. Board Policy 6150, Designation of Authorized Signatures
Item IIID-27. Board Policy 3280, Grants
Item IIID-28. Grant Concept Proposal Form and Workflow
Item IIID-29. Administrative Procedure 3280, Grant Proposal Development and Administration
Item IIID-30. Board Policy 6300, Fiscal Management
Item IIID-31. Board Policy 6330, Purchasing
Item IIID-32. Administrative Procedure 6330, Purchasing Approval and Document Matrix
Item IIID-33. Board Policy 2430, Delegation of Authority to Superintendent/President
Item IIID-34. Current List of District Agreements and Vendors
Item IIID-35. Board Policy 6340, Contracts
Item IIID-36. Board Policy 6400, Audits
Item IIID-37. Administrative Procedure 6400, Audits